Late Florida Rapper 26 Ceejay’s Girlfriend Latoya Damuva’s Heartfelt Last Message

Late Florida Rapper 26 Ceejay’s Girlfriend Latoya Damuva’s Heartfelt Last Message

26 Ceejay's girlfriend Latoya Damuva. Image Source: Instagram.

Losing your loved ones is not something anyone wants to experience. The process of accepting reality and moving on might take a long time. Our life is uncertain, and we never know when is the last meeting with them. That is the reason people preach to be kind and spread kindness.

Likewise, 26 Ceejay‘s girlfriend Latoya Damuva left a heartfelt message for him after his tragic demise. In this article, we will take a glance at their love life and many more. So stick with us till the end!

Rapper 26 Ceejay’s Tragic Death

According to reports, the rapper had a tragic demise in his hometown in March 2023. First, he was reportedly shot, and then his body was set afire in a car. As per witnesses, they heard gunshots at about 6:10 in the morning, and about 30 minutes later, they heard the sound of an explosion.

After investigators reached the scene, they found a gas can which was allegedly used to start the fire on the SUV. Then, they discovered a burned-out body of an unnamed victim in the backseat, and a tabloid reported that it belonged to the rapper. It is uncertain if the gunshot or the fire killed him.

Furthermore, the reason for the murder remains a mystery, and law enforcement officials have started an inquiry to discover the perpetrators. His fans and colleague are in shock and grieving the loss of their beloved.

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Who is 26 Ceejay’s Girlfriend Latoya Damuva?

The rapper 26 Ceejay started a solo career after being a part of the well-known rap trio KTB. His growing fame and fortune were the results of his hard work in the music field.

Ever since his death made it to the headlines, people have been keen to know more about 26 Ceejay’s relationship status. Talking of which, at the time of his death, the young rapper was dating aΒ  woman named Latoya Damuva.

26 Ceejay's girlfriend Latoya Damuva
26 Ceejay’s girlfriend Latoya Damuva. Image Source: Instagram.

Not much is known regarding the couple’s dating timeline, when and how they met, and their relationship details. The duo never shared about one another on social media, but 26 Ceejay’s partner mentioned her name in the bio and wrote “love you baby,” with white pigeon emojis.

Unfortunately, the information about education, parents, siblings, and profession of 26 Ceejay’s lover remains a mystery. We hope she reveals more about her in the coming days.

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Latoya’s Last Heartfelt Message

As mentioned earlier, in March 2023, Latoya Damuva’s boyfriend, 26 Ceejay had a tragic death after being shot and burnt alive. It must have been tough for her to deal with the loss of her beloved.Β 

According to a YouTube video, 26 Ceejay’s girlfriend Latoya Damuva wrote on her Instagram story that he was her heart, and they were soul tied for life. She added that she loves him even after death. Furthermore, she claimed her to be his evil twin and ended her heartfelt message with an “I love you” and a “rest in peace” note.

Furthemore, 26 Ceejay’s lover again wrote that they were for life and even after that. Ending the note with snake emoji, which is the signature icon of his EP, King Kobra, she expressed that she loves him. Likewise, she calls him her Jacey.

Nevertheless, we hope God provides 26 Ceejay’s partner with immense strength to cope with the unbearable loss. Also, may the departed soul be in peace wherever he is.

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