Blessed Couple Dan Stevens And Susie Hariet Kids

Blessed Couple Dan Stevens And Susie Hariet Kids

Susie Hariet Kids. Image Credit: Social Media.

Downton Abbey, Beauty & Beast, and Abigail‘s famed actor, Dan Stevens, always has praise for his wife, Susie Hariet. And why not? Despite being a renowned actor, he is still Susie’s number-one fan.

As they are from the entertainment industry, are Dan and Susie Hariet kids into performing arts? Find out how the Croydon-born actor and his lovely redheaded wife work together in raising their children.

A Glimpse Into Their Early Life

  • Dan Stevens was born on October 10, 1982, and grew up in Croydon, Surrey. He attended Tonbridge School and later got his acting training at the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.
  • The English actor is known for his role as Matthew Crawley in the drama series Downton Abbey (2010–2012) on ITV. He started his professional acting career after getting the role of Orlando by Peter Hall in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
  • On television, Stevens is also known for his role as David Haller/Legion in the series Legion, in which he appeared alongside Amber Midthunder.
  • Dan is married to South African jazz vocalist turning-singing teacher Susie Hariet. Dan’s wife was born on December 22, 1975, and raised in South Africa. Her mother worked as an actress.
  • After completing high school, Susie later became a vocalist and singer. She started performing in theatre and began teaching students how to sing.

Revisiting Their Relationship: How Did The Couple Meet?

Both Dan and Susie began their drama career at a young age. However, they first met in 2006 while performing at neighboring theatres in Sheffield. At the time, Dan, 24, was performing for a play called The Romans, while Susie, 31, was performing in a musical.

The couple fell in love at first sight and began dating afterward. After three years of dating, Dan married his wife, Susie, in a private ceremony in 2009. At the time, Susie was pregnant with their first child, who was six months old.

Susie Hariet Kids
Susie Hariet Kids. Image Credit: Social Media.

Although she was getting numerous projects, it was Susie Hariet kids that remained at the top priority. She decided to support her husband’s acting career. But she didn’t leave her passion for singing.

An accomplished jazz singer, Susie currently teaches singing. Well, she has vast experiences of theater just like actors Gus Birney, Ami Tredrea, Isobelle Molloy, etc.

So, how many kids does Dan Stevens have with his wife Susie? They are a married couple of 15 years as of 2024.

Dan Stevens And Susie Hariet Kids: Blessed With Three Children

While getting married, the couple was already pregnant with their first baby. They welcomed their first child, daughter Willow Stevens, in 2009.

When Dan was filming Summer in February, the romantic drama, while Susie was pregnant with their second baby. The couple gave birth to their second child (son), Aubrey Stevens, in 2012.

The duo later moved to Brooklyn Heights, New York, to raise their kids, which was a significant change from their previous residence in London.

Susie Hariet Kids
Susie Hariet Kids. Image Credit: Instagram.

Susie and Dan welcomed their third child (son) in 2016, Eden Stevens. The couple later made many appearances on the red carpet. Susie and Dan are parents of three kids.

Some of the events they’ve attended together are the Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb premiere, the Beauty and the Beast premiere, and the Legion premiere.

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Quality Time With The Family

Unlike Dan’s professional life, he prefers to keep his children out of the public eye and tries to keep his family life lowkey.

Susie is equally protective of her kids’ privacy and rarely posts anything on social media. However, her husband likes to share adorable family tradition pictures.

In June 2021, Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet kids appeared on Instagram. However, the actor was holding his children’s hands in his palm.

In addition, the duo are having family time and are enjoying their quality moment with their kids. We hope to hear more about the family life of the duo and see the family together in the future.


Q. Does Dan Stevens have any children?

A. He shares three children with his wife, Susie Hariet.

Q. How did Susie Hariet meet Dan Stevens?

A. The pair met in 2006 in Sheffield while performing at neighboring theaters.

Q. Does Dan Stevens have a wife?

A. He has been married to Susie Hariet since 2009.

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