The Power Of Amber Midthunder: The Rising Star’s Intense Performance In The Film ‘Prey’

The Power Of Amber Midthunder: The Rising Star’s Intense Performance In The Film ‘Prey’

Amber Midthunder poses for a photo during the premiere of Prey. Image Source: ambermidthunder Instagram.

Amber Midthunder is a professional Native American actress. She is well-known for her recurring parts in Roswell, New Mexico. The young talent has recently earned widespread acclaim in the fifth entry of the Predator franchise, Prey.

Prey is a pleasant addition to the well-liked Predator franchise, thanks to excellent casting, character writing, and cinematography. With the film’s popularity, Amber Midthunder on Prey has been the talk of the town. Therefore, if the 25-year-old actor is unfamiliar to you, she won’t be for long. Here is all the information you require regarding this emerging talent.

Comes From Filmy Background

Amber Midthunder was born in New Mexico, The United States on April 26, 1997. Her father, David Midthunder, is an actor, while her mother, Angelique Midthunder, who is Thai-Chinese and has Thai roots, works as a stuntwoman and casting director. While collaborating on the 1995 Japanese movie East Meets West, David and Angelique encountered.

Midthunder is a member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribe. She was born in Shiprock, New Mexico, a part of the Navajo Nation. The actress moved back there after spending most of her childhood in Santa Fe. There, she attended the Academy for Technology and the Classics.


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Besides, the 25-year-old became interested in acting from a very young age and began to remember and recite dialogue from her favorite tv shows. She didn’t like her first day on the job, so she decided to wait a while before giving another play. The young actress even explored a career in mixed martial arts after training and instructing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She had previously served as an intern at a makeup company and is currently dating River Thomas.

Similarly, Riley Voelkel is another actress who has recently become quite well-known for her incredible acting abilities.

Amber Midthunder On Prey

Amber Midthunder stars in Prey as Naru, a Comanche warrior who becomes the focus of the planet’s first Predator attack. She wants to prove herself by hunting an unknown bloodthirsty extraterrestrial species. Amber shines exceptionally in her role, as per several movie critics. Additionally, Prey is based in 1719 and tells the tale of the conflict between aliens and tribe clans of the Comanche Nation in North America. This latest Predator movie dropped on Disney+ in 2022.

Amber Midthunder on Prey tries to establish herself as a good hunter in the 1700s. Furthermore, she is trying to be as precise as she can. Her great-great-great-grandmother was known as Chief Woman in the movie, a woman who leads men into battle. Midthunder’s bond with Naru was more substantial than any character she had had before.

Besides, Prey is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison. Along with Amber, the film also features stars like Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, and Julian Black Antelope. The movie had its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, which is why many of these early reviews have circulated on social sites.

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Earned Universal Praise For Prey

Amber Midthunder has received positive responses from fans for her intense performance in Prey. The rising star’s character has proven to be the Predator series’ most potent threat since Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Predator prequel has received positive initial comments from critics and has performed very well. Prey is a movie that most Predator fans will appreciate, and some people are claiming it is the best edition in the franchise since the original one.

Midthunder is excellent in her performance in Prey, which all critics seem to agree on. Fans praise her for being an absolute badass in the lead role and her incredible stunt performance. Although the American actress has been in several movies and TV shows, this is still the most significant role in her career.

Amber Midthunder on Prey
Amber Midthunder has received universal praise portrayal of Naru on Prey. Image Source: ambermidthunder Instagram.

In addition, the New Mexico native is well-known for her recurring part in the FX Marvel series Legion as Kerry Loudermilk, a mutant who inhabits the body of scientist Cary Loudermilk. She also portrayed Tantoo in the 2021 Netflix action movie The Ice Road, starring Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix and Liam Neeson.

Overall, Amber Midthunder on Prey has been well-liked by the audience as she did a fantastic job portraying the heroic role of Naru. These are the very same reasons we adore her. We hope she has a great future ahead of her.

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