The Top 5 Reasons We Love Jason Behr In ‘Roswell’

The Top 5 Reasons We Love Jason Behr In ‘Roswell’

Jason Behr is an American actor who portrays the character of Max Evans in Roswell.

Jason Behr is a professional actor from the United States. He was born on December 30, 1973, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and started acting at 5. Behr appeared in movies like The Shipping News and the American version of the Japanese horror movie The Grudge. He has also made several cameo appearances in other tv programs, like Step by Step, The Profiler, 7th Heaven, and others.

Additionally, Jason debuted in the American TV series Roswell as Maxwell Evans, or simply Max, for which he received two Saturn Award nominations. Roswell is an American sci-fi tv series inspired by the young adult Roswell High book series. Jason Behr in Roswell has earned enormous recognition since he was excellent in the show. So let’s dig into more specifics and look back on Max Evans’s top 5 Roswell moments, which made us love him more.

5. Express His Everlasting Love For Liz

Max Evans is one of the lead roles in the WB sci-fi series Roswell. Unfortunately, he has a terrible case with his eternal love, Liz Ortecho. He has given countless heartfelt speeches about how much he loves her. But, in one particular scene, a perfect storm of uncomfortable feelings, betrayal, and irritation leads Max to make a clear confession of love to Liz.

Jason Behr in Roswell
Jason Behr’s character Max Evans confesses his love to Liz Ortecho. Image Source: HBO Max Facebook.

Evans confesses that he has loved Liz his entire life after she accuses him of killing her older sister Rosa. Although Jason Behr in Roswell is heartbroken that his sweetheart would ever imagine him capable of such brutality, his love for her never vanishes.

4. Restores Powers To The Hospital

Jason Behr in Roswell, has the power to charge, manipulate, or interfere with electricity. He can burn out lights and make machinery fail. Max has a scene in the movie where he makes up for something he had done wrong.

Maxwell triggers a widespread blackout in the hospital, putting several lives in danger. He tries to atone by bringing water to the hospital but is compelled to act when a young kid requires emergency surgery. Evans rushes to the basement and shocks the power back to life, uncertain of whether he can do it or whether he will kill himself.

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3. Reveals Liz The Truth About Rosa

This is a crucial scene for both Max and Liz, and creating it throughout a full episode greatly affected the viewers. Max had earlier lied about the death of Rosa to his lover. However, he eventually understands Liz comes to know the truth about her sister’s demise after ten years of lying. Evans finally reveals that Isobel, an extraterrestrial who keeps her identity a secret, was responsible for Rosa’s death.

Since Max’s journey heavily depends on his love for Liz, admitting something that will undoubtedly cause her to abandon him or possibly despise him is a significant turning point. Liz rejects him when he ends the story, saying she will never see Max again. Even though Max is baldly hurt, he lets her go.

2. Unleashes Lightning To Boost His Power And Destroy Noah

Noah is a negative character in Roswell, who is believed to be the fourth alien. He was Isobel’s husband, and he killed up to 14 people. Max eventually killed Noah.

Maxwell was aware that to defeat Noah, more will be required than just his powers. So he gets more energy from the storm raging outside the caves. The storm that is raging outside the caves provides him with additional powers. Evans targets Noah after catching lightning and absorbing its energy. It’s hardly surprising that this ultimately ends Noah.

Similarly, Adam Rich is another actor who has credits for several Hollywood movies and TV series.

1. Brings Rosa Back To Life

It was one of Maxwell Evans’ most important moments, which featured a devastating moment. After spending the previous night with Liz and still feeling energetic from his lightning consumption, Max makes the tragic choice to attempt to revive Rosa. Unfortunately, it ultimately kills him, even though he saves Rosa. The audience was shattered when Liz discovered her sister alive but Max dead in the cave.

Many viewers came to love Max even more after this touching moment as he showed off his selflessness by putting Rosa’s life before his own. All in all, Jason Behr in Roswell has done a great job of portraying heroic character of Maxwell Evans and these are the very reasons why we love Jason Behr in Roswell.

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