Who Is Remarkable Actress Judy Reyes’ Twin Sister Joselin Reyes’ Partner?

Who Is Remarkable Actress Judy Reyes’ Twin Sister Joselin Reyes’ Partner?

Joselin has appeared in the show Law & Order: SVU. Image Source: Joselin Reyes Instagram.

American actress, model, and producer Judy Reyes was born on November 5, 1967. She was born and raised in The Bronx, New York, to Dominican immigrants. Growing up with three siblings, Judy Reyes’ twin sister Joselin Reyes, is also in the entertainment business.

Being involved in showbiz, many must be curious to know about Joselin’s love life. So, in this article, let’s find out who is Joselin Reyes’ partner. Keep reading!

Who Is Judy Reyes’ Twin Sister, Joselin Reyes?

As mentioned earlier, Joselin grew up with her three sisters. Joselin, along with her sisters Judy and Fidias Reyes, is involved in show business. Judy Reyes’ twin sister Joselin born on November 5, 1967, is known for her role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Furthermore, Joselin has appeared in several episodes of other shows like Scrubs, How to Make it in America, P-Valley, The Sopranos, and others. Moreover, she has also been cast in movies such as Instant Family, Tied to a Chair, Messengers, etc.

Joselin must be earning a good name in the industry, and she has been doing a really great job. With fame comes media and fans curious to know about every detail of their idol. So, who is the King of Joselin’s heart? Let’s find out.

Who Is Joselin Reyes’ Partner?

Having a successful career, this woman also has a very thriving love life. Joselin, a whole package, must be adored by many of her followers, and many suitors must be dying to grab her attention. This might break the hearts of many, but Judy Reyes’ twin sister is taken, and in fact, she is already married.

According to her Instagram, Joselin has been married for more than fifteen years, having tied the knot with her hubby in mid-March of 2008. The duo met for the first time in 2007. The pair must have had quite a meet-cute scene.

 Judy Reyes' Twin Sister Joselin Reyes' partner
Judy Reyes’ twin sister, Joselin Reyes’ partner, Shawn Athanasios, met her in 2007. Image Source: Joselin Reyes Instagram.

Joselin Reyes’ partner-turned-life partner is Shawn Athanasios, the coach and founder of Jaas Coaching. Through sickness and health, rich and poor, the duo has been content with their lives for many years now. Hopefully, they really prove “till death do us part.”

What does Joselin’s Husband Do?

As mentioned earlier, Joslin’s hubby, Shawn, is the coach and founder of Jass Coaching. Athanasios received his bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge in Speech Communication.

On the other hand, Shawn obtained his Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and Conflict resolution under the umbrella of The Psychology of Communication from New York University. Furthermore, he stated his thesis topic was in the fields of Meta-Congnition and Human Defensiveness.

Since August 2018, Joselin Reyes’ husband has been working as a full-time lecturer at the University of North Georgia. There he teaches Business Communication. Side by side, he also manages his Coaching Business, which is under the umbrella of Personal and Career Development.

All in all, Judy Reyes’ twin sister, Joselin Reyes’ partner, must be earning considerably. Now, let’s find out how many kids Joselin and Shawn have welcomed.

Does Joselin Have Any Children?

After more than fifteen years of marriage with her partner, Shawn, many of you must be speculating if the duo has children or not. Not so surprising, yes! the duo has two wonderful sons, whom Joslin fonds all over her Instagram page.


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Talking about Joslin Reyes’ children, her firstborn, Addison Athanasios, arrived in the month of September 2008. Likewise, Shawn Athanasios’ wife welcomed their second child, Austin Athanasios, in February 2013. She must be handling her role as a mother and an actress gracefully.

Overall, Joslin must be living a comfortable life with her hubby and children. Joselin Reyes’ husband also must be proud of her just like she is of him. We wish nothing but more blissful and happy days ahead for the adorable couple.


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