Actress Gus Birney Net Worth: What We Know About The Actress’ Fortune

Actress Gus Birney Net Worth: What We Know About The Actress’ Fortune

Gus Birney Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram

The American actress, model, and songwriter Gus Birney is known for her role in The Mist. But how has her acting career been so far?

What is Gus Birney net worth? Does she earn millions?  Without further ado, let’s grab some exciting information.

Getting To Know Gus Birney

  • Gus Birney’s birth name is Augusta Marsh Birney, and she is an actor/songwriter. The model was born on July 27, 1999, in New York City, USA.
  • Gus’ parents are Reed Birney (father) and Constance Shulman (mother). Reed is also an American actor known for his on-stage and screen, often acting on and off Broadway.
  • Constance is also in the entertainment industry and originated in the first production of Steel Magnolias off-Broadway for the role of Annelle.
  • Birney also shares one older brother, Ephraim Birney, an actor and writer primarily known for Love & Vodka.

Start Of The Career Journey

The family of Gus Birney is all involved in the entertainment industry. That’s how she also got interested in acting and started her journey in her early teens.

Gus began taking part in commercial auditions and landed a nationwide spot for the skincare company at the age of 13. Not so long after, she also primarily auditioned for the films and TV roles.

Gus Birney Net Worth
Gus Birney Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram

Gus Birney began her modeling career and signed with Click Models, where she started modeling walking in designers such as Vivianne Hu and Kanye West.

Later, Gus dropped out of high school to pursue her career in acting and modeling and has been in this field since 2012.

Within a short time, the rise in monumental acting roles positively affected Gus Birney net worth.

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Theatre Roles, Films, And Television Series

Gus Birney has appeared in many films, television series, and films. She is mainly known for her role as Alex Copeland in her television series when she played The Mist (2017).

Beside movies, Birney has also appeared in television series, including Chicago Med (2015) as Ashley Cole in Episode “Mistake.” She is also known for her appearance in Shinning Vales (2022-2023) as Gaynor Phelps.

The films of Gus Birney that made her more known in the film industry are mentioned below.

Year Title Role
2020 Darcy Darcy
2021 Giving Birth to a Butterfly Marlene
2023 Happiness for Beginners Kaylee

Table Source: IMDB

Not only films and series, but the actress has also appeared in Theatre, such as The Rose Tattoo in 2016 as Rosa, The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window in 2023 as Gloria Parodus, and Our Class in 2024 as Dora.

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Gus Birney Net Worth

Being involved in the entertainment industry from a young age, Gus must have earned an appreciable amount of fortune through her career.

Gus Birney net worth is not precisely estimated, but according to external sources, it is said that her net worth lies between $100k-$1 million.

Gus Birney Net Worth
Gus Birney Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram

Although the fortune of Gus Birney is not exactly estimated, however, her mother Constance Shulman net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

The actress still has a long way to go with her career, and we hope to see her in the upcoming films and television series.


Q. How old is Gus Birney?

A. She is 24 years old.

Q. Who are Gus Birney’s parents?

A. Her parents are Reed Birney and Constance Shulman.

Q. Is Gus Birney in a relationship?

A. She is currently single and focused on her career.

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