The Secret to Darien Sills-Evans’ Net Worth: Revealed

The Secret to Darien Sills-Evans’ Net Worth: Revealed

Darien Sills-Evans' Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Does it ring any bell when you hear the name Darien from the popular TV series Cosby? Yes, we are talking about the actor Darien Sills-Evans, who portrayed the character.

In this blog, in addition to his life, we will also be discussing Darien Sills-Evans’ net worth. So, keep up with us as we dive deeper into the topic.  

Meet Darien Sills-Evans

  • Born on 11th October 1974 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, Darien Sills-Evans is a multi-talented individual who has excelled as an actor, director, writer, and comedian.
  • From an early age, his passion for acting was apparent as he began pursuing it at the young age of 16.
  • This demonstrates that he had harbored this interest since childhood and therefore dedicated himself to perfecting his craft.
  • His proficiency in acting and comedy shows his expertise, which enabled him to achieve fame and financial success throughout his career journey.
  • Such remarkable qualities combined must have contributed towards making Evans a highly respected figure within the industry community today.

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Darien Sills-Evans Filmography Career

The actor has been entertaining audiences on stage and screen for more than a decade.

Darien first appeared on TV as Darien Hall in Cosby in 1998, then acted as Dr. Mark Fields for four seasons on Third Watch.

Mr. Sills-Evans’ performances have included playing the roles of Agent Tyrell Evans on CBS’ Person of InterestDarnell Nichols in HBO’s Treme, and many national commercials.

Here are some of the movies that Darien has acted in and their box office collections.

Movies  Gross Collection
The Reception $509
Preaching to the Choir $397.9K
Big Words  $8,965
City of Lies  $2,824,459
Washington Heights $160,291

Table Source: Box Office Mojo/ Rotten Tomatoes 

In 2005, Mr. Sills-Evans also co-produced the movie The Reception by John G. Young.

Mr. Sills-Evan also wrote and produced Rivers Wash Over Me in 2009 – a film that became one of the major attractions of the NewFest Festival for the same year.

Plus, the very first episode of MC Extra Cheese: The 40-Year-Old, which was directed by Darien, received Banff World Media’s nomination for Best Pilot back in 2012.

Currently, the artist is actively involved both as a series regular playing diverse roles on CBS’ Superior Donuts while concurrently acting as US Cellular’s national spokesperson.

Beyond Filmography, Venturing Into Comedy

Darien is not only involved in the film industry, but he also plays a role in the comedy sector.

The artist has performed at various comedy venues all over America and established Tipsy Hustle.

This is an open mic event held every year at The Five Spot Soul Food Restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York, and The Improv Space situated in Los Angeles.

Moreover, Darien started producing the RaceMan podcast in 2014 onwards.

This weekly show mainly highlights persons of color who are comedians conversing about current events along with pop culture news that make headlines around the world.

Darien Sills-Evans’ Net Worth

Darien has made a huge impact in both the film and comedy worlds. As a consequence, we can assume that he has accumulated a significant fortune.

Despite his immense wealth, there seems to be no concrete information available regarding Darien Sills-Evans’ net worth.

The bulk of Darien Sills-Evans’ income most likely stems from his work within the film industry.

However, despite the limited information about Darien Sills-Evans’ fortune, it is clear that he deserves every penny due to his invaluable contributions to both entertainment sectors.

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Lifestyle And Assets

Considering the notable amount of Darien Sill-Evans’ wealth, we can assume that he is leading a comfortable life.

Additionally, we get to catch a glimpse of his lifestyle through Instagram, where he shares memorable events with followers.

Darien Sills-Evans' Net Worth
Darien Sills-Evans’ Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Despite earning vast sums of money, Darien doesn’t show off on social media or in front of fans, proving that despite all this fame he is still approachable and humble.

As his acting career proceeds further, there’s no doubt that Darien Sills-Evans’ fortune is likely to ascend in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Darien Sills-Evans tied the knot with Anna Stein.
  • The couple shares a daughter named Ella Sills-Evans.
  • He has over 1K followers on his Instagram account and over 900 followers on his Twitter account.

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