Exploring the Relationship Between Miley Cyrus and Avery Cyrus- Are They Related?

Exploring the Relationship Between Miley Cyrus and Avery Cyrus- Are They Related?

Avery Cyrus is a TikTok content Creator. Photo Source: Avery Cyrus' Instagram.

The TikTok creator, Avery Cyrus, is well-known for using her platform to discuss her sexuality and relationships. She recently became the talk of the town after her romantic relationship with JoJo Siwa ended within three months of dating. As a result, the netizens are questioning is Avery Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus or not.

If you are among those who are curious about the relationship between Avery and Miley, then keep reading until the end. We are here to unfold the relationship mystery between the TikTok star and America’s most loved singer/songwriter.

Is a Queer Member

Before joining TikTok, Avery was on Youtube. She first posted her Hawaii vacation video back in 2017 and continues to post vlogs. In February 2020, Avery Cyrus posted a video on her YouTube titled, ‘Worst Coming Out Story Ever’ to confess to her followers that she was gay openly.

Luckily the time we live in today has become more accepting than in the past. So she did not have to face backlash or hate but got immeasurable support and praise. Before her confession, she had given clear signs of her sexuality, but what’s better than a proud confession?

Today, Avery has become one of the major voices for queer people on and outside the app. People enjoy her content which is focused on her LGBTQ+ audience. Also, Avery Cyrus creates other fun content showcasing her talent for throwing pottery, skateboarding, and upcycling accessories.

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Is Avery Cyrus Related to Miley Cyrus?

With the last name Cyrus, it isn’t your fault to wonder if Avery is related to the pop culture queen Miley Cyrus in any way. But Avery Cyrus is not related to Miley Cyrus. Instead, she just borrowed her last name, Cyrus, for her TikTok identity due to her profound likeness to the Hannah Montana star.

Avery’s real name is Avery Blanchard, and she is unrelated to the singer. However, if you go through her videos, you will come across many posts where she has openly expressed her crush on Miley and the influence she had on Avery while growing up.

Miley Cyrus’ family is filled with many famous singers and musicians, but Avery is not one of them. With this being said, all the queries about Avery Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus are debunked. Also, learn about another TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, and her career.

Is in a Relationship?

Avery Cyrus has over 8 million TikTok followers with over 300 million likes. The TikTok star is on the media’s attention continually. This means it might be a little difficult for Avery to keep her private life private.

However, Avery herself has been open about her relationships, and most of her posts also revolve around her relationship experiences. Avery Cyrus was previously in a relationship with Soph Mosca, a TikTok content creator.

Avery’s relationship with Mosca ended in 2022 for unknown reasons, but both stated they remained friends. After Mosca, there wasn’t any news of Avery’s relationship until the rumors of Avery Cyrus and JoJo Siwa started circulating.

JoJo and Avery went TikTok official with a video in September 2022. The young couple seemed happy in love and even made their first red carpet appearance together at the Los Angeles premiere of Alanis Morisette‘s Jagged Little Phill musical.

The new pair broke up after three months of dating, and again their breakup was announced through a TikTok video. Avery posted a montage of their seven-day Royal Caribbean cruise trip confirming their breakup.

Avery Cyrus Dated JoJo Siwa
Avery Cyrus And JoJo Siwa dated for three months. Photo Source: Avery Cyrus’ Instagram.

The news saddened many fans. Cyrus responded that their breakup was because they decided they were better off as friends and mutually ended their relationship. Since the couple recently broke up, there has been no news of Avery dating anyone yet. She could be taking some time apart from dating. We wish Avery all the best and more success in her upcoming days. Also, we hope this article clears the question, “is Avery Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus?” among the fans.

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