Meet The Bachelor S28 Casts: Release Date And When To Watch The Show?

Meet The Bachelor S28 Casts: Release Date And When To Watch The Show?

Bachelor S28 Casts. Image Credit: Instagram.

Well, the premiere of The Bachelor: Season 28 is finally here with a brand new eligible bachelor looking for love! This season features former Bachelorette star Joey Graziadei, who will face 32 women as his potential partners.

Hold your horses, and let’s meet The Bachelor S28 Casts! You can watch the latest season on ABC, but we will tell you its release date and latest updates.

Release Date And Where To Watch The Bachelors

When will The Bachelors air? Everyone is waiting to learn about the show and meet The Bachelor S28 casts. There is a piece of good news for the audiences waiting for the show.

The wait is finally over; the new season of The Bachelor premiers on Monday, January 22, 2024. The show will air right at 8 p.m. EST and can be watched on the original ABC network.

Bachelor S28 Casts
Bachelor S28 Casts. Image Credit: Instagram.

The audience can also watch the episodes the following day on Hulu. This season will also be primarily exciting and thriller. The table will turn around, and many exciting things will happen.

The Bachelor S28 Casts

This season will be presented by Jesse Palmer featuring Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old tennis pro from Koloa, Hawaii.

Jesse, who is married to Emely Fardo, welcomed their first baby girl, Ella Reine Fardo Palmer, on January 10, 2024.

Talking about this year’s Bachelor, Joey is an American television personality best known for being the runner-up on The Bachelorette on the 20th season.

There will be 32 potential contestants, and they were revealed on September 16, 2023. Among The Bachelor S28 casts, there is also a set of sisters. May the right couple be blessed, just like Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner married Theresa Nist.

So, here is the full list of the Bachelor S28 casts.

Meet The Cast And Get To Know Them

Allison Hollinger is 26 years old and is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is searching for someone with whom she can spend her life. Next, we have Autumn Waggoner, 26 years old, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, who is hopefully looking for Joey’s love.

Chandler Dewgard is a young 25-year-old hailing from New York and is excited to search for love. Meet Chrissa Perez, a Canadian import who is 26 years old.

Daisy Kent is excited to start her whole journey in the show. She is a 24-year-old young lady from San Diego, California. Following her, we have Edwin Dorbor, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She is 25 and enjoys the southern city.

Bachelor S28 Casts
Bachelor S28 Casts. Image Credit: Instagram.

Erika Cardenas, just 25 years old, hopes to meet her future husband from North Bergen, New Jersey. We also have the southern girl Evalin Clark, who is 28 years old and is from San Antonio.

Jennifer Tran, a 25-year-old beautiful young lady from Miami, Florida, hopes to find her person in the show. Jessica Edwards, originally from San Diego, California, wants to prove to Joey that she is the right one for him, and she is 24 years old.

Katelyn DeBacker is 25 years old, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and excited to ride on The Bachelor. A mid-western girl from Hamilton, Ohio, Kayla Rodgers is 27 years old and searching for her love.

Kelsey Anderson is excited to look for lasting love at 25 and is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Next, we also have Kelsey Toussant, one of the older contestants who is 31 years old and is from Los Angeles, California.

Some who know what she wants are initially from Miami, Florida; Kyra Brusch is ready to find the love of her life and is 26 years old. Following her, we have a contestant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lanie Latsios, who is 27 years old.

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At 28, Lauren Hollinger is ready to find her man from the show, who is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Another Los Angeles native, Lea Cayanan, at the young age of 23, is on this show to find her love and is also the youngest contestant.

Lexi Young is an Atlanta, Georgia native, is 30 years old and is coming into the show hoping for the right one. At 30, we have Madina Alam, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, looking for her real love.

Originally from Kleinburg, Ohio, Maria Georgas is 28 years old and will be seen in the show hoping to find something real. We also have a young lady named Marlena Haddad, who is 26 years old and a Florida native.

Bachelor S28 Casts
Bachelor S28 Casts. Image Credit: Instagram.

We have a long list of casts, but it’s all worth it because they are all extraordinary personalities. Natalie Crepeau, who is 25, hopes to find her relationship with Joey, another Canadian contestant.

Rachel Nance, a native of California, is 26 years old, originally from Rancho Cucamonga, and ready to meet her person. A 30-year-old Tennessee native, Samantha Hale is one of the older contestants and is looking to bring some Southern charm to the show.

We again have Samantha Washington, who is 25 years old and is from Miami, Florida. Following her, we have Sandra Rabadi, who is 26 years old and from Nashville, Tennessee.

Starr Skyler, who has a charming personality, is 25 years old and a native of Delray Beach, Florida. Next up, we have a gorgeous 28-year-old Rhode Island native, Sydney Gordon, and she is in the show to find her lasting relationship.

Talyah Jackson is just 23 years old and is from Huntington Beach, California, and she is excited to meet Joey. Next up, we have an extraordinary personality, Taylor Wiens, who is 23 years old and from Chicago, Illinois.

Lastly, we have Zoe Antona, who is 23 and is originally from Roswell, Georgia. Like other Bachelor S28 casts members, she is also here in this show to find the love of her life.

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Published On: January 23, 2024

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