Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em: Unstoppable Musical Force

Beyonce is no stranger to breaking records and making history with her performance in the music industry.

With multiple hits and Grammy Awards, Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em has surprised us once again and is currently ranked Number One Country Song by BillBoards.

Beyoncé Became the First Black Woman Artist With a Number One Country Song

Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em is named after a poker game, Beyonce debuted this song during Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.

It will be part of the singer’s eighth studio album, currently on tentative title Act II. Texas Hold Em quickly gained popularity among fans due to its country, soul, western, and folk music compositions.

The track, however, was not officially released as a single and was not promoted until the Super Bowl performance, making its success even more unexpected.

Co-written by Beyoncé herself along with Elizabeth Boland, Megan Bülow, and Raphael Saadiq, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em‘ shows her powerful vocals over a honky-tonk music.

Beyonce's Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold 'Em
Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em. Image Credit: Social Media.

Through the track, listeners are blessed with amazing vocals, lyrics, and beat combined with excellent production done by Beyonce herself.

Beyoncé streams and sales, with “Texas Hold ‘Em” has over 19.2 million streams last week, along with 39,000 traditional sales.

The Beyhives are adding to the hype and success of the song and taking it to the top. The Song also got 4.8 million listeners on the radio.

16 Carriages,” Beyoncé’s other country song, also hit Number Nine on Hot Country Songs. The song has almost around 10.3 million streams, 14,000 sales, and over 90,000 radio appearances.

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Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em Adds Hype To ACT II

According to Billboard, Beyonce is now the first woman of color to be on top.

She is on the top in both Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B Songs since the list was made in 1958. It is also ranked No. 2 on the all-genre Hot 100 charts.

Awaited album Act II is the upcoming eighth studio album by Beyoncé, scheduled to be released on March 29, 2024.

Black Artists about to take over the Country Music?

With this release, Beyonce reclaims country music and brings it back to its black roots.

Thom Donovan reported that “country music’s embrace of hip-hop was the natural progression” and “Texas Hold ‘Em” is “more than a cheeky metaphor”; It’s part of the greater vision of Beyonce’s celebrating the legacy of Black artists.

Donovan wrote that “Beyoncé reminds listeners that country music is another kind of dance music.” The fact that she is the first Black Woman to top the country chart shows that traditional country music isn’t lost in the industry.

Beyonce's Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold 'Em
Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em. Image Credit: J.ébey.

Beyonce’s success will eventually encourage other people of color to hop in since the genre was built by them and paved the genre for years.

Andrea Williams explained how Beyoncé has opened the door for others in country music and proved that black artists, producers, and musicians also have their place in the genre.

Act II from Beyonce is on its way to becoming another Masterpiece

Beyoncé’s ‘Top Billboard Texas HoldEm‘ sets to be another example of her talent and artistry.

Despite some controversy and overshadowing, The song resonated with people from different backgrounds worldwide and this track has cemented a solid base for her upcomming album Act II.

With the release of Texas Hold Em and 16 Carriages, fans are eagerly waiting for the full album from the superstar.

Beyonce's Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold 'Em
Beyonce’s Top Billboard Wonder Texas Hold ‘Em. Image Credit: Social Media.

With “Texas Hold ‘Em” at the top of the charts, the question is how the song performs on the charts next week.

Will country radio continue to push the song, or will any issue arise due to Beyonce hopping into the country music genre?

Whatever the case, there is no denying that Act II will be another hidden gem from the Renaissance trilogy.

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