Canadian Actress Sarah Polley Net Worth: Her Income As An Actress and Director

Canadian Actress Sarah Polley Net Worth: Her Income As An Actress and Director

Sarah Polley Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Net Worth: $5 million
Born: January 8, 1979
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 1 inch
Country of Origin: Canada
Source of wealth Film Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Singer, Film Producer

Sarah Polley is a versatile actress who has captured the heart of audiences with captivating performances onscreen and showcased her fantastic storytelling skills behind the camera.

So sometimes people may wonder about the finances of this extraordinary personality. Therefore, this article will scoop out the details about Sarah Polley net worth. So, please stick with us till the end.

Knowing Sarah Polley

  • The Canadian actress was born on Jan 8, 1979, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was born into a show business family.
  • The fictional life of her character Sara Stanley was a parallel development of her life when her personal life was affected by the death of her mother shortly after her 11th birthday.
  • Sarah’s roles in movies show her sensitive portrayal of wounded and conflicted young women in independent films, which makes her critic’s favorite.
  • Unfortunately, she left her acting career early due to complications from scoliosis. It is an unfortunate event watching a successful actress retire, but what matters is her health. Furthermore, she is actively contributing to other fields of entertainment.
  • Polley was actively involved in politics from a young age. She gave a nomination speech for Kormos at the ONDP leadership convention.

Sunrise of Stardom: Thriving Acting Career

Starting her acting career at the age of four, with her mother Diane Elizabeth MacMillan‘s connections and following her brothers Mark Polley and John Buchan‘s footsteps, Sarah turned her acting hobby into an absolute aim.

Polley’s career took a huge leap when she was cast as the Cockney Waif Jody Turner in Lantern Hill. For her magnificent acting, she even won a Gemini award.

Polley was cast as Sara Stanley in the television series Road to Avonlea in 1990. This acting gig put a fast-forward button in her acting career. Actress Sarah was propelled into the first rank of Canadian stars, which made her financially independent at fourteen.

Starring in various feature films like The Weight of Water, Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter, Dawn of the Dead, Splice, and many more has added a reasonable sum to her net worth.

The big dark spot in her acting career can be dropping out from the $60 million mega project Almost Famous, which was supposed to make her a mainstream star. She dropped out of the movie just to make a movie for John Greyson, a director she admires greatly.

Movies Box Office Collection
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen $8.6M
Exotica $5.0M
The Sweet Hereafter $4.4M
Go $16.8M
eXistenZ $2.8M
Dawn of the Dead $58.9M
Away From Her $4.5M
Last Night $493.5K
The Sweet Hereafter $4.4M

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

After coming back to Canada, Sarah chose to make the CND 1.5 million movie The Law of Enclosures, but the movie performed poorly at the box office and was never released in the U.S.A.

The choice of movies and projects shows that she focuses more on learning art than stardom and money.

So, it can be said that Sarah Polley fortune is a huge number, thanks to her acting skills and abilities.

Sarah Polley Fortune As Filmmaker And Director

The filmmaker Polley always had a concept in her mind on making films with social importance, abstaining from the chancier and non-commercial independent fare.

The Canadian actress started her directing career with short films like The best day of my life and Didn’t Think Twice, and moved into a length film directing Away from Her.

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation acquired this movie for the sum of $750,000. Moreover, she directed other excellent features like Take This Waltz, I Shout Love, and Women Talking. 

Polley’s directing ventures are listed below:

Movies Box Office Collection
Women Talking $5.4M
Stories We Tell $1.6M
Take This Waltz $1.2M
Away From Her $4.5M

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Sarah’s documentary film, We Tell, premiered at the 69th Venice International Film Award. She was even awarded CAN $1,00,000 by the Toronto Film Critics Association for best Canadian film of the year.

The former actress’s direction in various movies and features has added up a huge amount to her net worth.

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Embarking on The Literature Field: Writing Career

Screenwriter Sarah has not limited her writing enthusiasm to scripts of movies and series but also extended to essays.

Sarah has actively written a book with six essays, Run Towards The Danger, based on her experience as a childhood actor in 2022. This book is selling now at Amazon for $16.99 per piece.

Sarah Polley Net Worth.
Sarah Polley Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Moreover, the book revealed her vulnerable moment when she was sexually and physically assaulted by Jian Ghomeshi, the former CBC radio host, when she was 16. So, writing is not just a money-earning platform but also a sharing platform for Sarah.

Polley has written scripts for many movies she directed, like Making a Scene in 2013, Women Talking in 2022, Taking This Waltz in 2011, and Away from Her in 2006.

As per the feature’s box office collection, Sarah has been given a reasonable sum to add to her net worth.

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Sarah Polley Net Worth – 5M

Upon reviewing her notable professional accomplishments, it is now evident that the actress has gained valuable expertise in various domains. Additionally, Sarah has achieved excellency and remarkable success in all those areas.

More precisely, Sarah Polley’s net worth currently stands at a staggering $5 million, which was added up due to numerous triumphs and achievements.


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As Sarah navigates the entertainment industry, she is sure to inspire others with her hard work, talent, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Therefore, we wish her good luck in her future endeavors and are waiting for her upcoming projects in various entertainment fields.

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