The Rise of a Billionaire: 5 Facts About Carl Icahn’s Net Worth

If you just heard the name Carl Icahn and came by to learn more about him, be ready to be amazed. He is one of the most renowned billionaires ranking among the top 100 positions on the Forbes list.

In this blog, we will explore Carl Icahn’s net worth and five facts about his wealth. So, stay by our side to not miss any enthralling details about Carl Icahn’s fortune.

Carl Icahn Started His Take Over Journey From Tappan Company

In 1968, Carl Icahn obtained a loan of $400,000 from his uncle to purchase a seat on the New York Stock Exchange for his newly formed brokerage firm, Icahn and Company.

As Cahn delved deeper into stock market dealings, Icahn developed an interest in risk arbitrage – which involved purchasing stocks with anticipation of takeovers that boost share prices.

After making substantial investments in Tappan Company– a manufacturer specializing in kitchen stoves- in 1978, Carl initiated takeovers himself by using shares to secure board seats.

But later on, the investor handed over control of the company to AB Electrolux – a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer – thereby reaping profits worth nearly $3 million.

So, it is evident that Carl Icahn’s fortune was impacted significantly by the profit.

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Trans World Airlines’ Had a Massive Role In Carl Icahn’s Net Worth of $17.9B

In 1978 Icahn began acquiring significant shares in various companies, which eventually led to him holding controlling positions within them.

One such instance occurred in 1985 when he went through with a hostile takeover of major American airline TWA and subsequently became its chairman – ultimately earning the title of a corporate raider.

Carl Icahn’s net worth
Carl Icahn’s net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

In 1988, Icahn took TWA private and profited $469 million personally; however, this action left TWA with a debt totaling $540 million.

Additionally, the investor sold off the London routes belonging to TWA for an amount reaching US$445 million in 1991.

Then, Icahn began implementing his next business venture: launching ‘,’ which aimed at selling tickets specifically for TWA.

This business venture might have also helped in the increase of Carl Icahn’s wealth.

Unsuccessful But Still A Plus Point – Taking Over RJR Nabisco

During the late 1990s, Icahn made headlines once again when he acquired a substantial 7.3% stake in RJR Nabisco through a famous corporate raid.

With this move, Cahn proceeded to launch an ambitious proxy fight with the aim of taking control of the board and pushing for the company’s breakup.

Although Carl’s attempts proved unsuccessful ultimately, the action generated an impressive $100 million gain for Carl Icahn’s net worth.

In another instance that demonstrated Icahn’s fearless pursuit of value-creation strategies, he took on Time Warner in 2006 by advocating strongly for its division into four separate entities listed independently from each other.

Though other significant shareholders didn’t buy into this idea at first glance, Icahn was able to influence some significant changes within Time Warner.

The investor was able to secure two independent board members and cost-cutting measures that led to sizable financial rewards further down the line.

Carl Icahn’s Smart Move On Netflix

In the fall of 2012, Icahn set his sights on Netflix Inc. (NFLX).

Cahn applied his contrarian approach by amassing a more than 10% stake in the company when its stock was trading at close to a yearly low.

This strategic move famously resulted in what became known as the Icahn lift, with NFLX shares surging an impressive 14% following his announcement of ownership through a regulatory filing.


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However, this success came with pushback from Netflix’s board, who promptly adopted a poison pill strategy to deter any hostile takeovers.

Nevertheless, Icahn persisted and ultimately sold off his investment three years later in 2015 for over $1.9 billion – quite remarkable considering he had initially invested just $321 million.

Founder Of Icahn Enterprises

Carl Icahn is a renowned entrepreneur and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises (IEP), which is an umbrella corporation with interests in multiple industries.

It includes pharmaceuticals through its subsidiary Vivus, automotive services under the banner of Icahn Automotive Group, and home textiles via WestPoint Home.

The holding company operates across seven segments showcasing Carl’s business acumen.

With his extensive investment portfolio spanning various sectors where he has significant holdings in several companies, it comes as no surprise that Carl Icahn’s riches continue to rise exponentially thanks to his diversified enterprise.

So, we hope that the investor keeps on making a difference and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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