Carrie Brownstein’s Partner: Meet the Person Behind the Musician

Carrie Brownstein’s Partner: Meet the Person Behind the Musician

Carrie Brownstein's Partner. Image Source: Twitter.

Although her music is not Jewish, Carrie Brownstein is a bona fide Jewish rock star, co-writer, and co-star of the successful sketch comedy program “Portlandia” on IFC.

But who is the driving force behind the successful musician? Keep reading to learn more about Carrie Brownstein’s partner and her past love interests.

How Did Carrie Brownstein Come Into The Limelight?

  • Brownstein was 21 when she co-founded the punk-inspired rock band Sleater Kinney with Janet Weiss and Corin Tucker in 1995.
  • The band achieved critical and widespread popularity before going on indefinite hiatus in 2006.
  • Although it was not the first female rock band and had nothing “feminine” about its sound, it couldn’t avoid being labeled as such.
  • Critics and the media frequently emphasized Sleater Kenney’s three female musicians.
  • It wasn’t until the band had recorded a few successful albums that people stopped using the word “female” to describe them, instead ignoring gender and focusing only on the music.
  • Brownstein expressed joy that she had finally reached a place where her music could be appraised independently of gender.

Carrie Is Openly Bisexual

Carrie Brownstein has never been married. SPIN, however, outed her as bisexual to her family and the public when she was 21 years old.

The article mentioned her relationship with bandmate Corin Tucker during the start of the band. Also, the song “One More Hour” is apparently about their split.

Brownstein was described as “openly gay” by The New York Times in 2006.

In a Willamette Week interview in November 2010, the musician proclaimed she was bisexual.

The Los Angeles Times in 2020 reported that Brownstein and Annie Clark (who goes by the stage name St. Vincent) “dated for years.”

Carrie Brownstein's Partner
Carrie Brownstein’s Partner. Image Source: Twitter.

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen had one of the most intimate, functional, romantic, but nonsexual relationships they have ever had while working on ThunderAnt.

According to Armisen, their relationship is all of the things that he would have ever wanted, aside from the physical stuff, but the intimacy he had with her was like no other.

Similarly, check out the article on Rose Lavelle and if she is a lesbian.

Carrie Brownstein’s Partners Till Now?

Not everything is known about Carrie Brownstein’s partner and past relationships. While it’s usually easy to find out who Carrie is dating, tracking all her breakups, hookups, and flings is harder.

Even in 2023, celebrities manage to stun us with how they keep their lives private.

Carrie Brownstein's Partner
Carrie Brownstein’s Partner. Image Source: Twitter.

As far as we know, Carrie Brownstein has been in relationships with Taylor Schilling (2015 – 2016), St. Vincent (2012 – 2013), Corin Tucker (1995 – 1997), and Fred Armisen.

In addition, the musician was in a long-term relationship with Abbi Jacobson from 2016 to 2020. The pair recently split up with Abbi, now dating actress Jodi Balfour.

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She Has Decided To Keep Her Relationship Private

The punk icon has stated that she was not interested in performing relationships for the public. Regardless, the press is still very interested in speculating about Carrie Brownstein’s dating life.

Carrie is especially guarded about her personal life, and one of the reasons was that at the start of her career, the choice of what she did and didn’t disclose publicly was taken away from her.

The musician revealed that it was hurtful when a previous relationship with bandmate Corin Tucker was revealed in SPIN magazine.

So even if Carrie is currently dating someone, we can’t know Carrie Brownstein’s partner for sure unless she reveals the gossip to us. We are disappointed regarding this but respect her decision nonetheless.

11th Album: Little Rope

The 11th album, Little Rope, is a grief towards the tragic death of Carries’s mother and stepfather in a car crash in Italy.

Little Rope, out Jan. 19, 2024, is a testament to the emotions and feelings that have shaped the band’s music over the past three years.

The album’s tone has changed due to the tragedy, and the loss and grief experience have influenced the lyrics. The band’s second act began in 2015 with the triumphant LP No Cities to Love.

The new era has also changed, with drummer Janet Weiss leaving the band. Brownstein and Tucker see it as essential to keep pushing themselves creatively, not trying to reinvent the wheel every time they make a record.

The fans are looking forward to the next era of Sleater-Kinney and are cautious about enjoying the album.

Published On: May 3, 2023

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