Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham And Their Son!

A legacy, especially that of music, thrives, raw and pure, captivated amid melancholic yet beautiful verse.

The late American singer-songwriter Catherine Janice cast an evergreen legacy through her hit.” Dance You Outta My Head.

This website jars you alphabet talking about Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham, and their Son! Let’s get to know them better.

Who is Cat Janice’s Husband? A family-oriented Man?

Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham, is a musician like Janice herself. Dangling in the beats of euphoria, the couple gulped music as their plate of love.

A famed titled signature to Kyle is “Footwerk.” He owns his website,, where he boasts his instinctual touch and affection towards the heavenly loops of melodies.

Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham
Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham. Image Credit: Social Media.

Higginbotham runs a YouTube channel, FootwerkVEVO, with published releases for viewers to chronicle their music aspirations. His joy towards music is impeccable!

The D.C. musician synergizes the multimedia music revolution by fabricating a chill playlist on Spotify titled “Werk Bops,” comprising 23 songs. Kyle undoubtedly garnishes the characteristics of a strong musician.

A Romantic Melodious Partner: Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham

A fine Sunday afternoon lends a spirited away feeling, something so unexplainable yet scumbled with positive, happy digestion in the guts. That, falling in love, my friend!

Wanna know how these fantastic musicians harmonized their souls into a beautiful marriage? We’ve got you. Kyle insisted it was Cat who approached him first intending song birth, and in the process, they cultivated emotions of love for each other.

Interestingly, both Janice and Higginbotham grew up aspiring to craft songs with the hopes of large audiences; both escalated to the gravels of baking their personal sounds for projects.

Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham
Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham. Image Credit: Social Media.

Posts on Instagram suggest a platonic, intimate jam session between the couple melting whilst the layers of tune progress one after the other, enjoying both their company and the craft of music.

In August of 2023, Cat and Kyle embarked on a new journey and got engaged during Cat Janice’s record party release.

Shortly a couple of sweet days later, on the 28th of December, the couple married, printing the esteemed title of Mr and Mrs.

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Does Cat Janice have a son? Fully pillow of Parenthood!

Yes, Cat indeed has a sweet boy, Loren, gracing the kindergarten age of 7. Cat has always embodied immense love towards her son and would frequently mold in the luscious honor of mother-son bonding time.

As the candles to Janice’s last breaths approached, during a meticulous bonding time, the mother-son due birthed Janice’s massive hit “Dance You Outta My Head.” A special dedication to her miniature, Janice released the song on Jan 19.

Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham
Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham. Image Credit: Social Media.

Since then, the song has hiked a momentous valley of never-ceasing greenery, sky-rocketing success every minute. This song curls the bonding time with her son along her personal journey with cancer.

As emotional of a farewell the situation challenged, the very existence of the song belts a deep-seated devotion to love. No doubt, Cat Janice’s spouse Kyle Higginbotham, turned out to be an excellent father.

The Uncontained Sheering Support by Husband Kyle Higginbotham

Batting like a samurai warrior against Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer, Janice breathed last on the 28th of February, surrounding herself in the forever affectionate arms of the higher power.

Whilst slaughtering the diseases, Janice witnesses undying support from her husband, Higginbotham. As a fellow musician himself, Kyle multiplied the vigor for music and nurtured continuous support during the dark chapter.

Kyle made sure to cultivate a warm atmosphere for their son, Loren. A home to live in in this bereaved moment. We shower immense wishes to Cat, Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham, and son Loren.


Q. How much money has Cat Janice raised for her son?

A. She has raised over $76,000 in donations

Q. What type of cancer did Cat Janice have?

A. The type of cancer she has is sarcoma.

Q. How old is cat Janice?

A. Cat Janice is 31 years old.

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