5 Lessons We Can Learn From Catherine Burzik Net Worth

Have you ever heard about the global medical technology company Becton, Dickinson, and Company

Then let’s find out how Catherine Burzik is related to the company and how Catherine Burzik net worth provides us with some good life lessons.

5. Education is An Essential Factor That Contributes to Leadership.

Catherine is the director of Becton, Dickinson, and Company. She has been serving as director since 2013.

Education has always been paramount in Catherine’s life. Despite being a grocer, her parents always emphasized her learning.

Such emphasis resulted in her being valedictorian of her high school class and went on to become a first-generation college graduate. 

As a word of vision, Catherine said that if she could share any advice with a struggling student, she would tell them not to give up and not to trade tomorrow for the pleasure of today. 

As she pursued a master’s at the University of Buffalo, her career started to launch. Cathy was majorly involved in building a worldwide digital diagnostic imaging franchise.

The successful medical tycoon’s scientific insight and business acumen achieved through education have established leadership in science in Burzik’s life.

Therefore, education led her towards these immense successes in the healthcare industry.

4. Building Connections Early in The Career Helped To Boost Catherine Burzik Net Worth

The leader of medical healthcare always believed that it was necessary to build and grow connections and network with trusted professionals at the start of the career or when finding a new career path.

Cathy was chosen by Eastman Kodak when he came to campus to recruit. This connection enabled her to learn about the software.

Hence, Burzik always emphasized how mentors can see the potential for growth and help to challenge new areas that are out of their comfort zone.

Indeed building connections early in her career helped her to figure out her potential and make use of those networks to create her whole empire.

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3. Investing Rationally Increases The Value of Money.

The exact amount of Catherine Burzik net worth is unknown, but as per various websites, a rough estimate of her fortunes is about $4 million. So how did she make this kind of money?

Entrepreneur Cathy owned 23,416 Safety First Trust Series shares with stock worth over $538,100. Burzik is also the director of Orthofix Medical Incorporation and owns about $7.947 shares of the corporation.

Catherine Burzik's Net Worth
Catherine Burzik Net Worth. Image Source: Twitter.

In addition, Cathy owned 10,007 shares in BDX with a stock worth $3 million and 78.84% ownership. The stock is worth over $156,397.

Based on the SEC filings’ ownership report, she owns four companies as per her shares. It includes Haemonetics Corporation, Becton, Dickinson and Co, Veridigm Inc, and Orthofix Medical Incorporation.

As a director from BDX company and senior vice president of the Safety First Trust Series, she knows how to utilize the money she has earned.

The rational investment decision substantially increased Catherine Burzik’s fortune.

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2. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

Catherine also had her struggling phase. When she was pursuing her education, things were hard for Cathy and her husband, Frank Burzik.

Furthermore, she vividly remembered carrying 40 pounds of textbooks with her in freezing Buffalo, New York.

It would take her three bus transfers through very rough parts of the city to return to classes as she couldn’t afford a car.

During her first months of marriage, Catherine and her husband had only $2 for food per week. She bought Encore beef and ate it to tackle the situation.

No matter how cold the winters were and how much she had to travel through transferring buses, she insisted on completing her education.

If she gave up at that time thinking about the cold winters, then today, she wouldn’t have been recognized as the medical leader Catherine Burzik.

Therefore, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

1. Each Achievement is a Foundation For The Next Endeavor.

A single achievement was never enough for Catherine. She always believed that with every achievement, she needed to achieve more.

The empire of the medical company was a result of her hard work and determination.

Foremost, she is the director of BDX company. This benchmark leads her to become president and chief executive officer of Kinetics Concepts Incorporation from 2006 to 2012.

Prior to that, Cathy was appointed as president of Applied Biosystems and Ortho-clinical Diagnostics Incorporation.

Later, with her far-sighted approach, Cathy became a seasoned executive in the healthcare industry and contributed to extensive knowledge and product development in the global healthcare field.

One notable achievement of Catherine Burzik is shepherding the wound care giant through a $6.1 billion leveraged buyout by an Apax Partners-led consortium.

Hence, Burzik never stopped even after achieving her goals. She made those accomplishments her foundation for her future triumphs. This attitude played a crucial role in Catherine Burzik’s financial success.

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