Discover 5 Heartwarming Things About Chris Pratt’s Daughter Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt

Having a daughter is the biggest boon for any parent. Additionally, the actor in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, was able to live this moment two times after the birth of her second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt.

So, let’s delve into the life of new parents emphasizing how Chris Pratt’s daughter Eloise has become a ball of sunshine in their family. Are you all ready to encounter some heartwarming moments from their life?

5. Manifesting Her Presence By Her Mom

Chris Pratt’s wife, Christina Schwarzenegger, has written a book, Good Night Sister, which has been a New York Times Best Seller.

Christina started to write this book when she had her first daughter Lyla Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt, and finalized the book after having her second daughter. 

During a podcast with Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of Best friends energy, when the interviewer asked her if she had written this book thinking about her daughters, Christina answered, saying this book is the reflection of her and her sister.

However, while writing this book, she always thought that she wanted to have another baby girl and that having a sister for Lyla would be great. 

Therefore, this book was kind of a manifestation of her second daughter Eloise. Additionally, she is excited to see the growth of the sisterhood of her daughters with the built-in connection of best friends.

4. Her birth Was a Significant Event For the Parents 

Every parent would be excited to welcome their baby home. This is the same for Chris Pratt and Christina Schwarzenegger. Both the new mom and dad shared their excitement about welcoming their second daughter home through a social media post captioning her name and date of birth.

Chris Pratt’s Daughter Eloise was born on May 21, 2022. A month after her birth, her mom Christina updated her social media with cute interactions of May and June.

Chris Pratt's Daughter Eloise
Chris Pratt’s Daughter Eloise. Image source: Instagram.

It must have been a wonderful event for them to be relieving the moments again.

The lactation cookies in the freezer and supplementary milk with the baby crying around the house and waking up all members are precious moments they never want to forget.

3. Both Heartwarming and Overwhelming Moment For Mom

Giving birth to a child after keeping the baby inside for nine months is such a joyful moment for the mom. However, a mother has to endure a lot, even after giving birth. The hardships just start after giving birth.

Christina has shared these hardships sharing her journey with postpartum depression and how she has gone through that phase. Postpartum depression is the type of depression that new moms experience with frequent crying, fatigue, anxiety, and trouble taking care of the baby. 

However, she takes this phase as a path of motherhood and has cherished those moments. Christina thinks being a mom is the best job in the world and shows her gratefulness to everyone that supported her during the phase. 

Therefore, the birth of Chris Pratt and Christina Schwarzenegger’s daughter Eloise showed them the preciousness of being parents and made them stay together during the hard times.

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2. Sister and Best friend For Lyla

Having a sister is like having a best friend who can listen to every problem and tantrum. Even though sisters fight a lot but they love each other immensely more than anyone.

So the big sister, Lyla, must be pleased and delighted to find a small sister with whom she can play.

No matter how small you are, when you find someone younger than you, it will immediately bring out the maternal instinct in you. This might be human nature. 

Watching her younger sister must have brought out Lyla’s caring and loving side. 

1. Pets Lover: Chris Pratt’s Daughter Eloise 

Every little thing can make the child happy. Moreover, Chris Pratt’s second daughter Eloise seems to be a pet person.

When she was taken to the barn to visit the horses, she enjoyed every single moment out there. Her mom even mentioned how her little horse girl is training, sharing beautiful pictures together.

Moreover, Eloise loves being around the family dog. The beautiful couple has a foster dog that usually plays around Eloise.

Catherina shared a precious moment with her dog and baby, where the dog was playing on his own while Eloise was trying to reach out to the dog.

These small moments create lifelong memories and can be shown to Eloise when she becomes an adult. There is no doubt that adult Eloise will cherish these moments.

Hence we want to congratulate the new parents for engaging in the path of parenthood. 

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