5 Shocking Facts About Drake’s Ex-girlfriend Bernice Burgos

5 Shocking Facts About Drake’s Ex-girlfriend Bernice Burgos

Drake and Bernice Burgos were seen together getting cozy in Perth in 2015. Image Source: Bernice Burgos Instagram.

The famous musician Drake has been linked with several A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Julia Fox, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and others. In addition, the Certified Lover Boy singer has had many high-profile relationships and rumored romances. Today, we will talk about one of his past romances that was not hidden from the media.

Drake’s ex-girlfriend Bernice Burgos often gushes about him in the media. But, unlike his past relationships, their dating timeline went unnoticed. So, here we will discuss everything about their timeline, along with some facts about Burgos.

5. The Bernice Mentioned in Drake-Featured Song

Drake’s personal life has always been a topic of discussion for fans and the media. Fans always get hints about his flings and relationships, but his relationship with Bernice went unnoticed. In March 2015, he was seen getting cozy with a woman while hanging out poolside at his hotel in Perth, Australia. And the woman is none other than Bernice Burgos.

The Hotline Bling singer was spotted getting extra close and personal with Burgos as she flaunted her amazing body in a tiny thong bikini. Many raised their eyebrows regarding who the lucky lady was. After extensive research, they found out that it was Burgos.

In one of the interviews, Drake’s ex-girlfriend Bernice Burgos revealed that they were on good terms. She described him as the sweetest person ever and how they always have been good to one another. She added that if he gets married, he’ll invite her, and she will go to his wedding.

It was also rumored that the singer bought her a Bentley. However, it was revealed that it was not from Drake but from somebody else in her life.

Talking about their first meet, it has been reported that Bernice and Drake met in 2012 on Rick Ross‘ video set, Diced Pineapples. Furthermore, she reportedly calls him her “homeboy.” Furthermore, she’s the “Bernice,” mentioned in a Romeo Santos’ song featuring Drake named Odio.

Also, find out who is Rickie Collins‘ girlfriend is. He is a football player for LSU Tigers.

4. Accused of Breaking T.I. and Tiny’s Marriage

Like the God’s Plan singer, Bernice has also been linked with many guys. In 2017, Drake’s former girlfriend was linked to an American rapper, T.I. It was reported that she was allegedly considering ending her career for him.

Drake's ex Bernice Burgos
Bernice Burgos and T.I. were linked together in 2017. Image Source: Bernice Burgos Instagram.

As per a source, they were not serious at first, but as time passed, their relationship grew stronger. After she appeared in DJ Khalid‘s video, T.I. made it clear he did not want her to be in videos of other rappers. The source added that she did not know how to tell him that she did not want to stop.

Drake’s ex-lover had fun on the set of Rick and loved chilling with everyone. She reportedly did not want to lose her money-making potential or her identity being with T.I. He even hired a bodyguard to keep an eye on her. Regarding if she wanted to give up her career for him, she was not sure.

However, things did not go as planned. Drake’s former girlfriend ended their relationship after she found out T.I. was still married to Tiny Harris. While she was accused of being a homewrecker, Burgos revealed that when they were together, she fully believed that Tiny and T.I. had already separated.

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3. Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend Bernice Burgos Is A Grandma At 39

Drake’s ex-partner is a doting mama of two beautiful daughters. Bernice Burgos’ first baby girl, Ashley Marie (aka Amarie), was born when Burgos was 15. Unfortunately, Bernice’s baby daddy was not supportive of her, and she was embarrassed about being pregnant at such a young age.

The pregnancy changed Burgos’ life as she began living with her boyfriend’s mom after her grandmom kicked her out of the house. She did not pay rent and was forced to do chores around the house to reside there. As a result of the burden, she had to drop out of school.

Then, ten years later, Burgos had her second child, Sarai. Furthermore, Drake’s former love interest is a grandmother, as her daughter, Ashley, gave birth at age 21 when Bernice was 39. Having welcomed a daughter at 15, Bernice did not hold back from defending her pregnant daughter.

Bernice Burgos’ grandchild is India Ava, whom she loves dearly. Nonetheless, Bernice has done an excellent job raising two babies as a single mother. Hopefully, they will continue making her proud.

2. Has a Clothing Venture With Her Daughter

Most celebrities start their own business, and Bernice is one of them. Her baby girl, Ashley, came up with the idea of starting a clothing line, and as a result, they founded Bold and Beautiful. After Ashly designed it, she asked Bernice to join; it has been doing well. Bernice Burgos’ daughters are the main inspiration behind the clothing line.

Here are some of the items available on the clothing line’s website.

Items Price
Strawberry Shortcake $50
Ash (Gray) $50
Emmie Dress $30
Noir Dress $60
Pink Pastel Slippers $25

Table Source: Bold-Beautiful Website

Drake’s ex-lover stated on the website that it’s important for her to teach progression to her baby girls. The brand has bestowed an opportunity on her to grow a business with them and satisfy a need in the fashion industry for sleepwear that makes every woman comfortable and sexy at the same time.

1. Is Currently Linked With NBA’s Jaylen Brown

After Drake and T.I., Bernice has now been linked with an American professional basketball player, Jaylen Brown. She revealed a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration with rose petals on the floor and a bouquet of roses. However, she did not disclose whom she spent it with.

But netizens commented about how Jaylen treated her nicely. What sparked the rumors in February 2023 was the leaked photograph of the couple on vacation. After that, a Twitter page posted their video, where they were cozy with one another at a club in September 2022.

Likewise, Drake’s ex-partner has also attended a few Boston Celtics games. So, are Jaylen and Bernice a thing? Well, it seems like we will have to wait. Nevertheless, we look forward to hearing from them in the coming days.

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