Revealing The Drummer Joe Seaward Girlfriend: Who is He Dating?

Revealing The Drummer Joe Seaward Girlfriend: Who is He Dating?

Joe Seaward Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

If you wonder who is behind the rhythmic heartbeat providing symphony to the music in Heat Waves, it is non other than the drummer of the band Glass Animals, Joe Seaward.

So, does the drummer has anyone who gives a heartbeat to his soul like he gives a heartbeat to the music? So, let’s find out who Joe Seaward girlfriend is along with his musical journey.

Get To Know More About Joe Seaward

  • The drummer was born on October 22nd, 1988.
  • Joe was named after his mom. He credits his mom as his motivation and source of inspiration.
  • Joe is a huge Chelsea fan and supports the club by tweeting posts on the official Twitter account of Glass Animals.
  • Joe’s connection with other bandmates is quite strong. All four has been developing bond by creating music and supporting each other in hard times. The drummer never fails to show their friendship, as half of his posts on social media are about the bandmates.
  • Seaward is a witty person with some edgy humor. After an accident, he posted a photo of his MRI on social media, captioning as the skull was not empty.

How Did the 4 Amigos Meet Each Other

Glass Animals is an English Indie rock band formed by four friends in 2010. The story of how these four individual met each other is quite interesting.

The four amigos met each other at St Edward’s School, Oxford. 

Dave Bayley came to the UK from America at the age of 13. After he joined the school, he met and quickly became close to the only American Drew Macfarlane.

Joe Seaward Girlfriend
Joe Seaward Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

Afterward, Drew introduced Dave to two other people, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward. The four instantly hit off as they all listened to leftfield music and liked soul, rock and roll, and R&B. 

Not only enjoying the music, but they were also talented musicians, with Drew mastering guitars and violin, Edmund at keys, bass, cello, and piano. In contrast, Joe had natural talent as a drummer, and Dave with a potential soulful voice.

So, they decided to form a band in 2010 but took everything offline for a year and a half and finally started again properly in 2012. 

The name Glass Animals was kept after the music they produced, i.e., some music was delicate while some were intense and wild. Indeed the type of music and the name quite match each other.

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Surviving The Unexpected: Truck Accident

You must have followed up with the news of the accident of Joe Seaward in 2018 if you’ve been following the band Glass Animals.

The drummer was struck by a truck while riding a bicycle in Dublin, Ireland. In that truck accident, he was tangled in the truck’s trailer, and his skull and leg were fractured.

The skull had collapsed and compressed into the brain by the weight of the truck’s trailer. 


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A post shared by Joe Seaward (@joeseaward)

Bayley mentioned that Joe had to undergo a couple of long surgeries to repair the femur and the skull.

Both operations were quite successful, but initially, it was hurdling the recovery as the damaged area of the brain was responsible for speech.

While the drummer of Glass Animals took his time in recovering, the band canceled all their remaining concerts and tours of North America and Europe in 2018. 

Now, after many years of the accident, Joe is doing very well after coming back from the fatal injuries from the dangerous accident.

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Strings That Connects Two Hearts: Joe Seaward Girlfriend

Joe Seaward is a prominent name in the music industry and has successfully delivered quality music since 2012. 

With such a rise in popularity, many people want to know more about his personal life, including his romantic relationships.

However, the drummer who has made his fans travel the unforgettable sonic journey through music hasn’t made any declaration about his love life. 

There is no information on whether the musician is currently single or in a relationship with someone. Regardless of zero hints, many fans are still desperately trying to find a single piece of information about Joe Seaward girlfriend. 

Due to Joe’s low-key nature, many fans are speculating that he is in a relationship but isn’t ready to make it public.

In supporting this theory, other fans believed that Joe Seaward partner is someone out of the music industry, so he is trying his best to protect her privacy and leave their relationship out of media scrutiny.

Contrarily, some fans believe that he is currently single and hasn’t found someone suitable for him. Moreover, there is no accurate information about his past relationships as well.

Therefore, it is hard to make any estimation of the relationship status. We hope that Seaward will reveal his relationship status soon, and if that happens, we will keep you updated. So, stay tuned.

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