Love on the Court: Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend Revealed

Love on the Court: Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend Revealed

Dusan Lajovic's Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

The Serbian professional player Dusan Lajovic is finally back on track after struggling with his mental health. The tennis player is striving on the court this year with full-on energy.

As the tennis player has made a triumphant return to the court, let’s find out the person behind all the help during his tough times- Dusan Lajovic’s girlfriend.

Some Details About Dusan Lajovic

  • The right-handed player was born on June 30, 1990, in Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia, to his parents, Dragisa Lajovic and Marina Lajovic.
  • The professional tennis player started playing tennis without any reason at the age of 7, as tennis was the only sport available for his age group.
  • Lajovic also enjoys football a lot. So, if he weren’t a tennis player, he would have been a football player. Moreover, he shows his support for FC Barcelona.
Dusan Lajovic's Girlfriend
Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Social Media.
  • The player believes that being a young Serbian tennis player gave him the opportunity to be around other great players who can guide and give advice to them. One of the best advice he received was to be humble and work as much as he can.
  • While growing up, he idolized Pete Sampras even though his gameplay was not similar.
  • The tennis player prefers to perform more on hard surfaces than clay or grass surface. When it comes to shots, his favorite one is backhand.

Woman of His Dreams: Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend

The right-handed player has garnered much attention in his personal as well as professional life after reaching the huge milestone of recording the 100th clay match win in the Open era.

Many of his fans are curious about his personal life. The fans are inquisitive about a lot of topics, but the top query is: Who is Dusan Lajovic’s girlfriend?

Don’t worry; we have got the answer to this question. The tennis player is currently in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Lidija Mikić. 

Dusan Lajovic's Girlfriend
Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instgram.

The right-handed tennis player opened up about his relationship through his social media. He announced their relationship with a sweet photo of the two of them on September 23, 2016.

Though the beautiful couple has decided to keep the details of their relationship under the rug, Dusan is never afraid to show the presence of his partner in his life through social media posts.

Although they have been together for almost 7 years, their love for each other has only gotten stronger with time.

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Who is Lidija? Get To Know Her Better

Dusan Lajovic’s lover is a Serbian citizen who has received an MD in medicine.

Lidija joined the University of Belgrade to get her degree as a Doctor of Medicine in 2015. She graduated from the University with a perfect grade. Indeed, she is a person with good academics.

Currently, Doctor Lidija is working as a full-time medical doctor in the cardiology department at Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara. She joined the hospital in July of 2022 and has been continuously providing service since then. 

Even though Lidija was seen with Lajovic during some events, including the Citi Taste of Tennis gala, she prefers to be grounded, away from media and public attention.

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Prefers to Stay Low-Key And Grounded

Lidija Mikić, Dusan Lajovic’s love interest, is a model of poise and discretion.

While her boyfriend enjoys the limelight of the tennis world, Lidija takes the alternative route and opts to lead a quiet, private existence.

 Mikić serves as a reminder that some people opt to work in the background, providing steadfast support amidst all the flash and glamour of the sporting world.

Lidija’s desire for solitude isn’t motivated by a lack of pride in her partner’s successes but rather by her desire to maintain as normal and peaceful life as possible.

Dusan Lajovic's Girlfriend
Dusan Lajovic’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Dusan Lajovic’s partner’s calm strength and unwavering presence are a testament to the importance of personal space and the power of love in a world frequently characterized by public scrutiny.

During his tough times, Lidija may have been constantly helping him to get out of the situation.

Moreover, Dusan’s mental health was disturbed during the quarantine season of COVID-19, so she spent quality time with him, listened to his thoughts, and gave him solutions to come out of the loopholes of anxiety, depression, and OCD.

Hence, we wish them good luck for their future journey and hope that they will remain together for a long time, withstanding the ups and downs of life.

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