Who Is Filmmaker Erik Gernand’s Partner? Lets Reveal Gernand’s Secret Romance

Who Is Filmmaker Erik Gernand’s Partner? Lets Reveal Gernand’s Secret Romance

Erik Gernand is in a relationship. Photo Source: Erik Gernand's Facebook.

The world without film is unimaginable. And the artistic mind that creates captivating and meaningful visuals out of words and ideas is worthy of praise. It always doesn’t have to be big-budget production for the film to touch the audience. The maker’s perspective and artistic talent are what pierce viewers’ hearts through the screen. One such underrated and gifted filmmaker is Erik Gernand, whose artistry and creativity are laudable.

Gernand has been into filmmaking for over two decades. But despite being in this business for such a long time, very little is known about his private affairs, especially who the filmmaker Erik Gernand’s partner is and if he has children. So this article encapsulates the talented individual’s professional as well as personal life.

Path To Filmmaking

Erik was one bright student with a passion for filmmaking. He studied Telecommunications at Ball State University and was a recipient of a David Letterman Scholarship. He graduated in 1995 and right after his graduation, Gernand started his first production job at a PBS affiliate in Indiana. Later, Gernand pursued his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University.

In 1998, Erik co-founded a video production company, The Media Bunch, Inc. He used to produce and direct documentary projects for non-profit organizations. Gernand worked there for more than a decade. He has also written and directed numerous narrative short films that have played at festivals all around the world.

Gernand is a lecturer, playwright, and filmmaker. Also, he is an associate professor of Instruction at Northwestern University since September 2009. His area of expertise at the university is Cinema-Film, Media production, Playwriting, and Screenwriting.

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Who Is Filmmaker Erik Gernand’s Partner?

Erik’s work primarily focuses on family crises and queer characters. He has been working on showing viewers the uncomfortable and less talked about topics since the beginning of his career. His one of most famous works, Non-Love-Song, a short movie about a coming-of-age story that was released on March 15, 2009, created a buzz. The said movie won multiple awards and mentions.

The filmmaker who has been using his platform to shed light upon queer issues is also an ally. So many want to know who Erik Gernand’s partner is. Gernand hasn’t shied away from showing his love life, nor has been trying deliberately to hide it. Erik Gernand is in a relationship with Mark Addison Smith, who describes himself as a queer artist.

Erik Gernand Partner
Erik Gernand is in a relationship with artist Mark Addison Smith. Photo Source: Erik Gernand’s Instagram.

Erik’s partner is a talented artist whose art series Your Look Like The Right Type has hit the milestone of 13 years. In the art series, Mark draws illustrations based on day-to-day overheard conversations. The exact relationship timeline for the couple is unknown, but some photos of them go back to 2014. Speaking of his family, Erik Gernand’s mother is Gayle Fuller Gernand, and his father is Steve Gernand. Erik has a sister Tracy Gernand Harris, and a brother Ryan Gernand. He comes from a very loving and supportive family.

Popular Works

Erik Gernand’s contribution to filmmaking fills a long list. Some of his works are Non-Love-Song, Tech Support, Girl Parts, The Beautiful Dark, Tech Support, A Place In The Woods, and Nice Shirt. Gernand’s immaculate storytelling has earned him praise from film critics all over the world, and his films have been screened in more than 100 film festivals as well.

The filmmaker is a receiver of various awards, honors, and grants. We wish to see more of his work in the coming future, and even though Erik Gernand has accomplished a great deal in filmmaking, we wish he gets much more recognition than he has now. The artist’s work demands to be spoken about and seen by millions more.

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