Meet George Soros’ Daughter Andrea Soros: Other Soros Siblings’ Perspective On Alexander Soros’ Business Handover

Meet George Soros’ Daughter Andrea Soros: Other Soros Siblings’ Perspective On Alexander Soros’ Business Handover

George Soros' daughter Andrea Soros. Image Source: Facebook.

For quite some time now, George Soros, the Hungarian tycoon, and progressive philanthropist, has been a favorite target of criticism among conservative circles.

Although there are numerous conspiracy theories regarding him, limited knowledge is available regarding his children. Join us as we examine George Soros’ daughter Andrea Soros and her life.

George Soros’ Daughter Andrea Soros

  • George has 5 children from 3 wives, with Andrea being the only daughter. Like her father, she is also very charitable.
  • Andrea Soros’ siblings are Robert Daniel Soros, Jonathan Tivadar Soros, Alexander Soros, and Gregory James Soros.
  • George Soros’ baby girl graduated with distinction in literature from the University of Chicago and obtained a postgraduate credential from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.
  • Andrea, aka Andrea Soros Colombel, is involved in promoting fair and caring communities worldwide. 
  • George Soros’ kid is a member of both the Open Society Foundations’ Global and United States Boards, which aim to empower vibrant and diverse democracies that are responsible to their constituents.
  • The daughter also advocates for various initiatives centered on addressing climate change while emphasizing the reformation of democracy & capitalist ideals to fulfill everyone’s needs proficiently.
  • George Soros’ baby girl is presently wedded to Eric Colombel.

Why Was Alex Chosen to Take Over The $25bn Dollar Company?

A Forward columnist, Josh Nathan-Kazis, expressed optimism in 2012 when Alexander Soros emerged into the public eye. 

Josh remarked that Alex had a good chance of replicating his father’s financial success, albeit with friendlier methods.

Previously hesitant about any of his five children taking over Open Society Foundations, George has appointed Alexander as chairman of one of the world’s wealthiest philanthropic foundations.

In December 2022, the senior Soros quietly made this decision and even shared that he would continue contributing financially to left-leaning American political candidates despite being intensely politically involved.

As per the Wall Street JournalAlex Soros sits alone on the investment committee for Soros Fund Management, governing $25bn intended for family and charity usage.

Despite having similar political perspectives with his father, Alex considers himself more politically inclined than him.

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How The Siblings Took The News?

George surprised everyone by selecting Alex, his fourth child, as his company’s successor despite stating that none of his 5 children would inherit it.

Andrea Soros’ dad stated that Alex deserved the job based on merit. It’s uncertain how George’s other kids received this news.

The oldest among them is Robert Daniel Soros, born in 1963, who established several foundations in Eastern Europe, with Central European University being prominent.

Robert resigned from both deputy chairman and president positions at Soros Fund Management in 2017.

Jonathan T. Soros, the billionaire’s 2nd son born in 1970, is the CEO and founder of JS Capital Management LLC and co-deputy chairman at Soros Fund Management.

Jonathan supports progressive and Democratic causes such as campaign finance reform and eliminating the electoral college through Friends of Democracy PAC (which merged with Every Voice).

George Soros’s youngest son Gregory was born in 1988 to his second partner Susan Weber. He keeps a low profile as an artist, with limited public information about him.

The philanthropist’s only daughter, Andrea, is involved in multiple non-profit organizations, including Trace Foundation and Acumen.

Considering how each sibling is successful in their own right, they won’t be too disappointed that they weren’t selected.

Instead, the siblings may be delighted that the business is still in the family and a capable person is leading it.

Andrea Soros’ Way To Give Back: Trace Foundation

Trace Foundation was established in 1993 following the personal encounters of Andrea E. Soros on her visits and teaching gigs on the Tibetan Plateau.

George Soros’ kid has been an active figure for more than two decades.

Andrea has contributed to the Trace Foundation’s goal of preserving, fostering growth, and promoting Tibetan societies within China with an emphasis on their continuity.

George Soros' Daughter Andrea Soros
George Soros’ Daughter Andrea Soros. Image Source: Facebook.

Additionally, George Soros’ baby girl co-created Tsadra Foundation.

It aims to facilitate wisdom acquisition and empathy by blending instructive and practical aspects from traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices relevant in Western countries.

It is remarkable that George Soros’ daughter Andrea Soros also serves as a board chair at French American School and Scenic Hudson advisor, besides being associated with the Bard MBA program.

The Soros family has always been generous, with millions of dollars already donated. We hope the family continues their excellent work and building their brand.

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