Discussing Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife Teyana Taylor And Their Parenthood

The ugly divorce of former American basketball player Iman Shumpert and his ex-wife Teyana Taylor, an American singer-songwriter and actress, has undoubtedly been a discussed headline.

Stay with us till the end as we provide you the reason for Iman Shumpert ex-wife Teyana’s divorce and their parenthood.

Looking Back At Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor’s Relationship

The NBA champion and the singer-songwriter met at a New York party in 2011. However, Teyana was in a relationship and lacked interest in talking to the player then.

During 2011, Iman was playing for the New York Knicks, while Teyana was working in movies and television. Later, the couple maintained a friendly banter whenever they frequently bumped into each other around the city.

Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife
Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife. Image Credit: Instagram

Soon after, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship when Shumpert suffered a major knee injury. In 2013, Taylor helped Shumpert recover when he had no one to care for him.

The lovebirds publically announced their love affair through Instagram. Similarly, they made their red carpet debut as a pair in September 2014.

A Secret Wedding, Two Kids, and Public Ventures

While the news of Teyana being Iman Shumpert ex-wife is official, why don’t we look at their relationship timeline?

On September 2, 2015, Iman revealed the news of Teyana’s pregnancy through his Facebook page. Well, both of them were more than happy to welcome their firstborn.

Two months later, the celebrity lovers announced their engagement on November 8, 2015. Similarly, they welcomed their first baby girl, Iman Junie Tayla Shumpert, on December 16, 2015.

Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife
Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Both Shumpert and Taylor appeared in Kanye West’s music video in 2016. But one revelation caught the attention of the public. While appearing on The Wendy Williams Show, Iman and Teyana revealed that they secretly got married in October 2016

In Match 2018, the duo appeared in VH1’s reality TV series Teyana and Iman. Two years later, they welcomed their second daughter, Rue Rose Shumpert, on September 6, 2020. The adorable daughters are growing really fast.

So, read further to know how Iman and Teyana are co-parenting their children.

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From Blissful Marriage To Ugly Divorce Filed By Teyana Taylor

Everything seemed perfect from the outside world. Iman Shumpert won the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars with his dance partner Daniella Karagach. Meanwhile, Taylor acted in TV shows.

But on September 24, 2023, Teyana announced that she and her husband, Iman, were separated for some time. Taylor wanted to keep it a secret and never wanted to make a scene in front of her children, nor did she speak about it to any media outlets or blogs.

Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife
Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife. Image Credit: Instagram

More shocking news came two months later. TMZ disclosed that Taylor had filed for divorce in January 2023, nine months before her separation announcement.

The information about their divorce file was taken from the private court and was leaked to the public. Taylor did not expect anyone to make such a private matter public, which was heartbreaking.

The divorce matter quickly took over the audience, which raised a question to Taylor about the reason for divorce.

Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife’s Accused Of His Controversial Parenthood

As Iman Shumpert ex-wife, Taylor has never spoken ill of her former husband. Likewise, Iman also has made the news of his separation official though Instagram.

But there might have been some reason for their split. On Instagram, Taylor mentioned that the reason for the separation was not infidelity. Instead, she claimed that Iman made her feel ‘endangered.’

Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife
Iman Shumpert Ex-Wife. Image Credit: Flickr/Instagram.

Teyana, in the court docs, accused Iman of oppressing her and showing extreme narcissistic behavior throughout their marriage.

The mother of two children also accuses Shumpert of smoking marijuana and not feeding them despite bringing them to the marital residence.

We hopefully have to wait for their toxic relationship to come to an end without any problems arising more than they already are. We will be posting more exciting news, so stick with us.


Q. Where did Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor meet for the first time?

A. The Couple met for the first time at a New York party.

Q. How many children do Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor have?

A. The Couple has two daughters.

Q. Where did Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor get married?

A. The Couple got married secretly, and no one knows where.

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