Meet Joel Montgrand Partner: Together In Life And Career

Among the cast of “True Detective” season 4, Joel Montgrand can be seen as a new face of the season, playing the role of Eddie Qavvik.

Many people are curious to know about Joel Montgrand partner, their inside life, and his career journey. So, explore more information about them from this article and stay with us till the end.

Get To Know About The Actor’s Early Life 

  • Joel Montgrand ethnicity is indigenous, as he is a Cree First Nations actor born in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada. The actor is known for his work in a supporting role in the “Beans” (the multi-award-winning movie).
  • The actor has lived and worked in various places and countries, including New Zealand, Canada, Korea, South Africa, and the UK.
  • Joel began to travel and work in various jobs when he was just 19 years old. He landed on acting in 2013 by somehow convincing his agent’s office with barely any experience in this field.
  • He had no appointment, neither did he have any headshots or resume, but he knew he found something worth pursuing and worked hard for it.

Who Is Joel Montgrand Partner?

The actor has kept his relationship private as he has not talked much about it, but here we are with the actor’s partner’s information, so keep reading to learn something interesting.

Joel Montgrand partner is Daniella Barreto, a Black, queer immigrant from Zimbabwe. Although Joel has not been public about their relationship, he has been seen posting his partner’s picture on his Facebook.

Joel Montgrand partner
Joel Montgrand partner. Image Credit: Social Media

Daniella also led her partner, Joel, to launch a podcast that digs into the world of Indigenous creatives. She works as the podcast’s editor.

The couple came together at HBO’s True Detective season 4 red carpet premiere on January 9, 2024, held at Paramount Theatre on January 9, 2024, and were ready for their big moment.

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Know More About The Actor’s Girlfriend 

Daniella Barreto has a background in epidemiology and public health and is apprehensive about the intersections of surveillance, white supremacy, technology, and policing.

Daniella is a former organizer with Black Lives Matter-Vancouver and Jeanne Sauve Public Leadership fellow. Not only that, Daniella has experience in various fields.

Joel Montgrand partner
Joel Montgrand partner. Image Credit: Social Media

Joel Montgrand partner works as a consultant at Evenings & Weekends Consulting and as a podcast producer and Public health nerd, creating content for social troubling.

Barreto also mentions that she would love to run a podcast company to help rad people make their rad ideas a reality. She also wants to build up the tiny space for Balck and indigenous podcasters in Canada.

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What Experiences Does Daniella Barreto Have?

Daniella has studied Bachelor of Science in Health Science, Minor in Development and Sustainability, and Health Science from 2009 to 2014 at Simon Fraser University.

Not to forget, Barreto has also done a Master of Science (MSc) in Thesis and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine from The University of British Columbia from 2015 to 2017.

Daniella has experiences in different organizations from different places, including The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canadian Red Cross, Planned Parenthood Association, Out On Screen, YouthCO HIV, Help C Society, and many more.

The podcast producer has also volunteered at the Canadian Red Cross as a Resource Leader for four years and six months, as a Coordinator for seven months, and as part of an International Humanitarian Law Working Group for five months.

We hope to see the couple being public about themselves and sharing each other’s photos through their social media more often.


Q. Where was Joel Montgrand born?

A. He was born in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Q. What is Joel Montgrand’s nationality?

A. His nationality is Canadian.

Q. How is Joel Montgrand partner?

A. His partner is Daniella Barreto.

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