The Untold Story of Juan Pablo Montúfar’s Net Worth After Shark Tank Rejection

The Untold Story of Juan Pablo Montúfar’s Net Worth After Shark Tank Rejection

Juan Pablo Montúfar's Net Worth. Image Source: Social Media.

Net Worth $9 Million
Born N/A
Gender Male
Height N/A
Country of Origin N/A
Source of Income The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs enterprise is an internet-based flower seller established by John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar, which dispatches eco-conscious flowers and plants directly from sustainable farms.

Even though their idea was rejected in the popular show Shark Tank, John and Juan continued to work and managed to create an empire. So what is Juan Pablo Montúfar’s net worth? Let’s find out.

The Bouqs Company

  • The Bouqs enterprise presents a user-friendly approach for patrons to transmit flowers to their dear ones, with the option of same-day delivery in specific regions.
  • Moreover, The Bouqs extends a membership facility that supplies fresh blossoms routinely.
  • Apart from being a practical mechanism for flower conveyance, The Bouqs also exhibit dedication toward ecological responsibility.
  • By exclusively and deliberately collaborating with a network of sustainable farms, which go to great lengths to adopt eco-conscious practices, consumers can take pride in their contributions towards The Bouqs’ cause.
  • Additionally, customers are also actively supporting the preservation of natural resources through environmentally conscious techniques embraced by these carefully selected farmers.

Shark Tank Rejection

In 2016, Montúfar’s business was one of the semi-finalists for Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The following year, his company made it to the finals.

However, in 2014 he experienced disappointment when he failed to secure an investment from ABC’s popular show Shark Tank.


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Montúfar revealed that given a limited amount of time to present their case, they found themselves bombarded with questions that prevented them from delving deeply into all aspects of their proposal.

Nevertheless, fate intervened, and Robert Herjavec, one of the Sharks who had declined participation earlier, eventually invested later.

That investment with Robert brought the company $24 million, helping and adding to Juan Pablo Montúfar’s assets.

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Delivering Flowers In A Different Way

Montúfar recognized his area of expertise as a biochemist and farmer rather than sales and marketing.

On the other hand, Tabis pursued an MBA from UCLA and gained experience in Disney’s corporate brand team for six years before joining a startup company, Shoe Dazzle.

At that point in time, Montúfar sought out Tabis’ aid to revolutionize flower delivery methods.

By directly shipping flowers from farms to customers via the Bouqs service, participating farmers receive nearly 20% more income on average compared to their previous earnings.

Customers benefit through faster delivery times resulting in longer-lasting blooms while saving up around 70% on traditional florist prices.

Additionally, there is no wastage since the shipment process originates straight from farm sources, usually arriving within four-six days after harvest instead of two weeks or longer waiting periods.

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Juan Pablo Montúfar’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bouqs Company has a net worth estimated at around $10 million. The company’s remarkable growth and achievements started after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Juan Pablo Montufar's net worth
Juan Pablo Montufar’s net worth. Image Source: Social Media.

Through securing additional funding and partnerships over the years, Bouqs Company achieved notable success, which boosted its net worth.

With a commendable entrepreneurial spirit, founders John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar’s net worth are currently valued at $9 million as of 2023.

Their journey from mere starters to established players demonstrates how having an excellent concept paired with exceptional execution can lead to unlimited possibilities.

We are waiting to see what else is in store for the ever-growing Bouqs Company. We wish them more success in the coming future.

Published On: May 21, 2023

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