Know More Findings on What Did Kurt Loder Do to Jewel

Know More Findings on What Did Kurt Loder Do to Jewel

Kurt Loder and Jewel. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

There are many controversies in the entertainment industry, but today we will be talking about one of them surrounding two notable names, Jewel and Kurt Loder.

So, follow us till the end to learn more about the controversy between Kurt Loder and Jewel. 

A Bit About Kurt Loder

  • Kurt, born in 1945, is a well-known American entertainment critic, columnist, author, and television personality.
  • After graduating from Ocean City High School back in 1963, he attended college briefly but did not enjoy his experience.
  • During the 1980s, Kurt worked as an editor at Rolling Stone magazine for some time, which has been termed “legendary” by Reason Magazine.
  • Loder has also contributed to articles published in various publications, including EsquireDetailsNew York, and Time magazines.
  • However, it’s his role since the 1980s on MTV News, along with other related specials, that have garnered him immense fame.
  • He currently hosts the SiriusXM radio show True Stories, which started airing in 2016.
  • All of these accomplishments make him highly recognized among pop culture enthusiasts worldwide due to his impressive career spanning decades!

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Get To Know Jewel

  • Jewel Kilcher is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was born on May 23, 1974, in Payson, Utah.
  • Jewel’s parents, Atz Kilcher and Nedra Kilcher were living in Utah with her older brother Shane Kilcher when she was born.
  • Jewel’s parents divorced when she was eight, and she lived with her dad in Homer, Alaska. She has a younger brother, Atz Kilcher Jr., and a half-brother, Nikos.
  • At fifteen years old, Jewel received a partial scholarship to study operatic voice at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan.
  • Subsequently, the singer started performing at various venues, including clubs and coffeehouses around San Diego, California.
  • The artist’s debut album, Pieces of You, released by Atlantic Records, gained popularity thanks to extensive media coverage.
  • It became one of the most successful albums selling more than twelve million copies worldwide as it went platinum twelve times over.

Jewel Faced Several Obstacles While Rising To the Top

Jewel’s journey to success in the music industry was challenging. She encountered unpleasant circumstances, particularly with sexism.

When the singer worked for a company, her boss continuously pursued sexual favors from her, which Jewel refused firmly.

However, as an outcome of this refusal, the boss held on to her paycheck, leading to financial difficulties for Jewel.

The financial crisis eventually led the artist to become homeless due to not being able to pay rent resulting in having no choice but living out of her car.

Kurt Loder and Jewel
Kurt Loder and Jewel. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

To make the situation even worst, the car Jewel was living in was also stolen, which made her homeless.

Furthermore, in the 1990s, the singer became notorious for mouthing off and was even sometimes removed from radio stations due to inappropriate questions from male journalists.

Jewel reminisced about the incidents of her experiencing sexism during these interviews and her attitudes toward them.

The sad reality is that such incidents are prevalent but never discussed publicly by most people who have gone through them.

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Kurt Loder and Jewel’s Controversy

During one of the interviews, music critic and journalist Loder confronted Jewel about her grammar usage in one of the poems from her poetry collection, A Night Without Armor.

Kurt questioned her use of the word “casualty,” which became a notorious moment for his criticism on air. In response, Jewel defended herself by saying that Loder was acting like a smart aleck. 

The singer explained that she was pissed, as she felt inferior to him since he had completed college, whereas she had not, as she experienced homelessness before pursuing a music career.

Jewel recalled looking at him with frustration and uttering expletives under her breath.

Which indicated how offended and hurtful it was for someone educated to question another person’s language proficiency so publicly.

But more than two decades afterward, Kurt Loder apologized to Jewel for his attitude during the MTV interview in 1998.

Although Kurt Loder and Jewel have had some beef between them, we hope that the singer has forgiven Kurt and accepted his apology.

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