Who Is Maisie Peters’ Partner? Check her Boyfriend’s List – How Many Has She Dated So Far?

Who Is Maisie Peters’ Partner? Check her Boyfriend’s List – How Many Has She Dated So Far?

People are curious to know who is Maisie Peters' partner. Image Source: Maisie Peters Instagram

Singer-songwriter Maisie Hannah Peters was born in England on May 28, 2000. Her first album, You Signed Up for This, was released on Ed Sheeran‘s Gingerbread Man Records label, which is her most well-known work.

Peters, who previously had a record deal with Atlantic Records, has gained significant fame, and many must be wondering who Maisie Peters‘ partner is. So, stick with us till the end to find out.

Maisie Is From England

Born in Steyning, West Sussex, England, Maisie grew up with her identical twin sister Ellen Peters. Maisie Peters’ dad is a teacher, and her mother works in communications. According to the singer, although her parents are not musical, they were into music. As a result, she grew up listening to ABBA, Meat Loaf, Lily Allen, and other British girl bands.


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Around the age of eight, Peters started singing in choirs. She composed her first song when she was nine years old and after borrowing a friend’s guitar for a school assignment. She started writing songs regularly at age twelve. She began performing in the streets in Brighton at age 15 and posting original music to YouTube.

In August 2017, Peters released her debut single, Place We Were Made, and her second single, Birthday , in that December. She first signed with Atlantic Records for two years and then with Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records. Under the latter label, she released her first album, You Signed Up for This.

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Maise In Love With “Cate’s Brother”?

Following her debut album, Maise released a new single called Cate’s Brother. As per Music Daily, the song tells all the details about her new romance. Cate Canning is said to be one of Maise’s close friends, and she has a brother whom Peters is dating. The song details how the duo met and their present status.

Maisie Peters' Partner
As a result of her song, people are curious if Cate’s brother is actually Maisie Peters’ partner. Image Source: Maisie Peters Instagram

In the song, Maisie threw a Halloween party where she invited forty of her best friends. Cate and her brother, Tommy, showed up, and she introduced him to Maisie. The middle of the song talks more about their relationship, and it ends by saying she became his only girl, and now she is dating Cate’s brother.

So is Cate’s brother actually Maisie Peters’ partner? While it seems so, the truth is something else. The pop star said the song was just a joke for her and her friend group. She also stated that she wrote this song in Sweden and was like this will be funny. Nevertheless, the song quickly went viral after its release, as the context was juicy.

Who Is Maisie Peters’ Partner?

With a career with such brilliant and remarkable achievements, Maisie must have a remarkable love life. So let’s find out who Maisie Peters’ partner is and who she has previously been associated with.

After Maisie’s debut album under Ed Sheeran’s Label gained popularity, many fans started speculating about Maisie and Ed’s relationship. But they are strictly only platonic co-singers who have an album together. Other than this, they have no love interest in each other.

Furthermore, Maisie took to her Facebook and posted an announcement about her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Derek. Hilariously, her supposed ex-boy is just a mannequin for her music video for her EP that was released in October 2019, and her ex-boyfriend Ethan Derek does not exist.

The information about Maisie Peters’ partner is unknown. Many celebrities like to keep their romantic affairs under the radar and are pretty tight-lipped and secretive about this topic.

Hence it is quite a challenge to keep up with Peters’ lover. So we must wait for Maise to spill the tea regarding her love life.

Overall, Maisie Peters must be living a comfortable lifestyle. Although information regarding Maisie Peters’ partner is not known, many guys must be sliding into her DMs.

We wish her the best for her upcoming projects and hope that she gets upfront regarding her personal life in the future days.

Published On: January 22, 2023

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