Is Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger? Know The Truth

Gossip has always incarnated in several forms, and today, we will dive deep into actress Meg Donnelly‘s relationship rumors.

Today, gossip surrounds the interest, “Is Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger?” Are the Supernatural prequel series actors romantically submerged? Let’s uplift the curtains.

Is Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger? Exciting broadcast to the fans!

Meg Donnelly(23) and Drake Rodger(24) shared the screens together in the Supernational spinoff series The Winchesters. They appeared as Mary Campbell and John Winchester, and the show aired on October 11, 2022.

Are the leads entwining spices of romantic business? Is Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger? The answer utters a solid yes! The Zach Sang Show premiered Friday, February 23, cemented as the honorary council, where Donnelly confirmed her relationship with Drake.

Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger
Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger. Image Credit: Social Media.

The Love birds plainly couldn’t resist the allure moistured in the show, mimicking their on-show relationship into a real-life Wattpad.

Their couple’s newest advent was an Instagram post by Drake, where the dators could be pictured together attending a basketball game on December 24, 2023.

Storming the innocent hearts of the audience, Meg and Drake have posted several pictures on Instagram, scattering their stardust of reciprocated love. Lots of Oxytocin, we must conclude.

How often do they endorse “eye-catching” public appearances? Their smiles declare love loud and wide.

Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger is no surprise, stunting their appearances together ravishingly. They graced the red carpets ever so marvelously, as Donnelly stated that she enjoys going to events such as “red carpets.” with Rodger.

The reported couple sanded the red carpets, rigging cool outfits while posing during the Knights of the The Zodiac premiere is at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 10.

The Wincherters’ actors attended the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 premiere at the end of April, too. Scrubbing blushed cheeks of adoration in fans and temperature-boiling appearances feeding the pockets of paps.

Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger
Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger. Image Credit: Social Media.

A celebrity’s life entangles admiration winged through idioms and alphabets carved in the comment section. In a couple of recent clicks uploaded by Rodger, girlfriend Donnelly has put forth interesting and fancy comments.

Given the temperament of a gesture by Donnelly landing aphorism, she has concluded that the line of work she raincoats herself with adds an unnecessary amount of pressure while having a certified public romance.

However, she nullifies that above statement with another solid line, “It’s very easy; he’s so great at keeping calm
energy, and I always get so nervous, referring to her public adaptation with the handsome actor.

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Has Meg Donnelly dated other people before? Know the Truth

The answer to Meg Donnelly dating Drake Rodger has erupted. Now, let’s reflect on Donnelly’s past dating sequences. Does she have past boyfriends?

Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger
Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger. Image Source: Social Media.

Previously, Meg took to Instagram a clean photo with Zombies co-star Noah Zulfikar in 2019, sticking up a photo of Meg sound and warm in the cozy hug of Noah. Certainly, a rendezvous cherished then!

Meg bottled up her feelings of escapade, narrating that her past relationships were a little too public. She is attempting her soul’s best to balance this concern of hers, mutinying events of gone bys.

Have the couple worked in other shows?

As of now, the couple’s chemistry has been diluted in the lab of the Supernational spinoff series The Winchesters as Mary Campbell and John Winchester, emitting finesse and irreplaceable endowment.

Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger
Meg Donnelly Dating Drake Rodger. Image Credit: Social Media.

They are yet to collaborate for other fan-pleasing scripts, but we hope the rainbow appears soon and the day arrives with a gleaming dawn.

We heartily deploy wishes engulfed with warm and bouquet for the success and togetherness of the actors in both their private lives as well as professional udertakings.


Q. Who is Meg Donnelly Dating?

A. Meg Donnelly is dating Drake Rodger.

Q. Is Meg Donnelly Married?

A. No, she isn’t married yet.

Q. How Old is Meg Donnelly?

A. Meg, as of 2024, is 23 years old.

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