Love Is Blind Micah Lussier Weight Loss Update!

Love Is Blind Micah Lussier Weight Loss Update!

Micah Lussier Weight Loss. Image Credit: Instagram.

There is a new update from the Love Is Blind contestant. Everyone knows the contestant from season four of Love Is Blind, Micah Lussier.

Let’s have some information collected from the Love Is Blind Micah Lussier weight loss journey. So, let’s dive into the background story behind Micah Lussier’s weight loss.

New Update: Micah Lussier Weight Loss

Micah Lussier, a 27-year-old from Seattle, Washington, has been praised and called mean during her Love Is Blind Season 4.

The Instagram posts of the Love Is Blind contestant of season 4 have shut down her haters with her weight loss journey. The shared photos of Micah have shocked her fans and have been gaining more popularity with her presence.

Not only Micah, but we also have famous faces like Ricki Lake, who have had a massive weight loss transformation.

The contestant can be seen having a noticeable change in her weight loss, as seen from The Love Is Blind Season, but what is the reason for her changing her appearance?

How did the fans speculate about the change in Micah’s physical appearance? Get to know the reason behind the difference in Micah Lussier weight loss journey with us.

New Instagram Post Of The Love Is Blind Season 4 Contestant

Love Is Blind season four star Micah Lussier has issued a statement urging social media critics to stop making comments about physical appearances.

Lussier shared a photo of herself on a balcony, wearing a grey dress and holding a mug in her hand.

Micah Lussier Weight Loss
Micah Lussier Weight Loss. Image Credit: Instagram.

The contestant acknowledged the negative comments on her posts and the impact they can have on people who feel they don’t fit in society’s narrow definition of beauty.

Lussier also referred to fans calling her “a mean girl” on the show. Many of her followers praised her message and hoped people would stop commenting on others’ looks.

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How Did The Reality Star Lose Weight? Reason Behind Her Change

Tennis is one of Micah’s “summer hobbies”. According to ACE Fitness, it combines cardiac and aerobic workouts due to the amount of running involved and hand-eye coordination.

Tennis has been one of the parts of Micah Lussier weight loss journey. According to researchers, it provides numerous health benefits and is psychologically demanding.

The reality show contestant also loves to drink coffee; coffee provides several benefits. Coffee helps to improve memory, reaction times, mood, and mental function.

Micah Lussier Weight Loss
Micah Lussier Weight Loss. Image Credit Instagram.

Does Micah lose weight when stressed? Micah dropped several dress sizes after parting with her fiancé, Paul Peden. “When I lost 20 pounds during my last breakup,” she wrote in a TikTok video, captioned “Always come out on top.”

Similarly, you might also be interested in learning more about 5 best weight loss supplements.

Where Is The Reality Show Star Now?

According to Micah Lussier’s LinkedIn profile, her resume boasts a different persona from the Love is Blind persona.

From working in marketing positions to working in non-profit and teaching jobs, she has experience in multiple careers.

From 2013 to 2019, the reality show contestant joined Every Child At A Time as a teacher, where she “stimulated change for a non-profit school for underprivileged and homeless children.”

Later in 2015, she was promoted to the Board of Directors. Lussier’s love for teaching comes from her mother. Her mother has an impressive background in early childhood education.

Micah Lussier’s mother, Patrisha Lussier, owns and directs Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Education.


Q. What does Micah Lussier do?

A. She works at a software development company as a Non-profit Marketing Professional.

Q. How old is Micah from Love Is Blind?

A. She is 27 years old.

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