5 Interesting Facts About Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan, best known as Michael Strahan’s daughter, is a model and a college student. She made her modeling debut in April 2022 at the Sherri Hill Fashion Show.

Michel Strahan is a proud father, and he celebrates his children’s achievements. However, recently, Isabella made a vulnerable post about her degrading health.

Everything was going well until Isabella was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor called medulloblastoma. Stay with us and read five interesting facts about the celebrity daughter.

5. Isabella And Sophia Are Twins Sister

The NFL Legend and Good Morning America host Michel Strahan has twin daughters, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan, from his Ex-Wife Jean Muggli.

Apart from the parents’ divorce, the sisters were still deeply connected with their parents and had a good sisterhood, too.

Michael Strahan's Daughter
Michael Strahan’s Daughter. Image Credit: Instagram

The sisters graduated high school in 2023 and are pursuing their following graduation in a separate college.

Isabella started college at the University of Southern California, whereas Sophia attended Duke University.

Besides Sophia, Isabella has stepsiblings Tanita and Michael Strahan Jr. from her father’s previous marriage, Wanda Hutchins.

4. Michael Strahan’s Daughter Is A Model

Michael Strahan’s Daughter, Isabella Strahan, is a Model. In April 2022, Isabella made her first modeling debut for the Sherri Hill Fashion Show.

The Good Morning America host posted a sweet message on Instagram regarding his daughter’s modeling debut. Michael wrote on Instagram that he was very proud of his daughter crushing the runway.

Sophia joined in and wrote that she also felt proud of her sister for succeeding at what she loves. As per her Instagram, Isabella is represented by the well-known modeling agency Women 360 in New York.

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3. The Daughters Love Volleyball And Horseriding

Michael Strahan’s twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia Strahan, love playing volleyball and horse riding.

They were involved in these sports activities during their school time. The NFL Legend often posts their daughter’s accomplishments on Instagram, showing that he is very proud of her.

The sisters were trained in horse riding on her mother’s Muggli farm in Wilmington, Southern Carolina. They both received training in the barn and have won prestigious blue ribbons.

2. Isabella Is dealing With Brain Cancer

At the age of 19, Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella Strahan, a freshman student, is dealing with brain cancer.

Initially, she had headaches, nausea, and couldn’t walk straight, but she didn’t pay too much attention to it unless the incident happened on October 25, just before her 19th Birthday.

Michael Strahan's daughter
Michael Strahan’s daughter. Image Credit: Instagram

In the middle of the night on October 25, she woke up and coughed up blood. Knowing that something was not going well, she informed her family, who felt scared.

Immediately, Isabella was taken to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Afterward, the doctors ran tests and discovered that the model had a tumor of a size ball.

As per the doctor’s suggestions, Michael’s daughter, Isabella, underwent surgery to remove the mass on October 27, a day before her 19th birthday.

Michael Strahan's Daughter
Michael Strahan’s Daughter. Image Credit: Instagram

Throughout the process, Michael and Sophia stood beside Isabella’s surgery and treatment. After the treatment, the father-daughter duo appeared on Good Morning America and shared the experience with the audience.

The model even opened her YouTube vlog channel, where she shared her experience of treatment plans in the hospital. Watch the video here.

While talking to Robin Roberts in the interview, Michael, as a father, showed his love for his daughter Isabell. He said, “I know she is going through it, but we have never given more than we can handle, and she will crush it.”

1. Sophia Supported Her Sister Isabella Throughout The Treatment

Besides the parents, Isabella’s twin sister, Sophia Strahan, has been a major support. She has been throughout the surgery and treatment.

Starting in February 2024, Isabella will undergo chemotherapy at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center in Durham, North Carolina.

Sophia is constantly giving her support and motivation to her sister through social media.

Having seen this lovely sister bond, we pray that God bless Isabella Strahan with love and a long life.

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