Volleyball Player Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband Is An Ideal Type: Find Out Why?

Volleyball Player Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband Is An Ideal Type: Find Out Why?

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband. Image Credit: Facebook.

In women’s volleyball, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley has made a significant contribution. She is a former U.S. national women’s volleyball team member. Michelle and her team won a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

From collegiate to professional career, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley husband has always stood beside the volleyball player. Today, we will learn about their married life and their interesting facts.

The Kansas Native’s Early Years

  • Michelle Bartsch-Hackley was born on February 12, 1990, in Kansas City, United States.
  • Born to collegiate athletes, Michelle followed the footsteps of her mother, Julie, who played volleyball at the University of Kansas.
  • Meanwhile, her father, Michael, was a soccer player at Blackburn College. Bartsch’s brother, Andrew, is a former track and field throw athlete at UC Davis and the University of Wisconsin.
  • Bartsch-Hackley has also played volleyball for international teams. She was a beloved member of the Turkish professional volleyball club, Vakifbank Istanbul.
  • Michelle made her professional debut with a Puerto Rican female volleyball team, Llaneras de Toa Baja.

Is Michell Bartsch Married?

As women’s volleyball has become one of the popular sports, people want to know more about the players’ personal lives. Having said that, let’s learn more about Michelle Bartsch.

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley’s husband is Corbin Hackley, an Illinois native. He and Michelle have been living together for several years. So, when and where did they meet? When did they get married?

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband
Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

The longtime lovers began dating during their early 20s. At the time, Corbin studied at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. After a few years of relationship, Michelle got engaged to Corbin in 2012. The same year, she began playing for the Puerto Rican team Llaneras de Toa Baja.

At present, Michelle and her partner, Corbin, reside in Illinois. Every June, the couple celebrates their wedding ceremony. To know about their marriage, read further.

What Happened During Michelle’s Wedding Ceremony?

On June 22, 2013, Michelle Bartsch married Corbin Hackley in Maryville, Illinois. The wedding venue was simple and traditional, where the bride and groom’s families were present. Likewise, Michelle’s teammates were also present at her marriage ceremony.

Michelle, as a bride wore a sleeveless silver gown for her wedding, while the groom, Corbin, rocked a classic suit. However, their wedding venue later got flooded. Likewise, the whole tent had about a foot and a half of water inside it.

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband
Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband. Image Credit: Social Media.

There is a YouTube video of the couple’s wedding, where Corbin carries Michelle out of the wedding tent to prevent her dress from getting wet. Likewise, they exchanged their wedding vows standing on chairs.

Now, that’s a wedding which will last forever on their minds. Despite being married for over a decade, Michelle and Corbin Hackley don’t share any children. But they do own a pet dog named Champion.

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Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband: Best Partner and Biggest Supporter?

During her professional volleyball career, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley earned several accolades as an opposite hitter.

Bartsch’s position in the team is considered the most versatile because she could excel on offense and defense. But amidst the wins and losses, how did she maintain her physical and mental health?

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband
Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

The answer lies in the constant support and motivation from her husband. Michelle Bartsch feels lucky to have Corbin as her partner.

As a celebrity husband, Corbin Hackley is a relatively private person. During Michelle’s professional tournaments, he accompanied her everywhere, from Puerto Rico to the Tokyo Olympics.

Corbin does whatever he can to make his wife sharp and fit. He built Michelle a home gym and regularly serves as her volleyball partner. Corbin celebrated his wife’s Collinsville Hall of Fame induction ceremony in February 2023.

There is no doubt that Michelle Bartsch-Hackley husband made silent sacrifices for his wife. And guess what? The 2020 Olympic champion completely realizes her spouse’s contributions to her professional career.


Q: Is Michelle Bartsch-Hackley married?

A: Yes, Michell Bartsch-Hackley has been married since 2013.

Q: Who is Michelle Bartsch-Hackley’s husband?

A: Michelle Bartsch-Hackley’s husband is Corbin Hackley.

Q: Did Michelle Bartsch-Hackley retire?

A: Michell has retired from professional volleyball as a player. She currently works as an assistant coach for the Ohio State women’s volleyball team.

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