Nick Zito and Kim Zito: Meet the Couple Who Refuses to Turn a Blind Eye to Horse Abuse

Nick Zito and Kim Zito: Meet the Couple Who Refuses to Turn a Blind Eye to Horse Abuse

Nick Zito and Kim Zito Image Source: Social Media.

Nick Zito and Kim Zito are a husband-and-wife team that has made their mark in horse racing. Nick is a renowned thoroughbred racehorse trainer, while his wife is a successful advocate for equine welfare. Together, they have created a unique partnership that blends their passion for the sport of horse racing with their love for horse prosperity.

The duo’s love for the magnificent creatures can surely make anyone tear up. So today, through this blog, let us get to know the kind-hearted couple a little bit more.

First, Let’s Know a Bit About Nick Zito and Kim Zito

Nick has a long and successful career as a thoroughbred racehorse trainer, having trained some of the most successful horses in the industry. He has won two Kentucky Derbies, two Belmont Stakes, and a host of other prestigious races.

Nick’s success is due in part to his keen eye for talent and his dedication to the sport. In addition, the trainer is known for his hands-on approach to training, which involves spending countless hours with each horse, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, and developing a customized training program to bring out its full potential.

On the other hand, Nick Zito’s wife, Kim, has been active in the horse business since she was four years old, and it has always been a family affair for her, as it is for many others in the profession. Her grandpa was a thoroughbred racehorse owner, and she recalls traveling to the track as a little child to watch her grandad’s latest entrants run.

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Kim Zito’s Love for Horses

Although Kim’s early riding experiences included show horses; she is currently engaged in hunters and jumpers and has kept true to her thoroughbred background over the years. Finally, the original Californian chose to go to Kentucky to pursue the breed full-time.

Nick Zito and Kim Zito
Nick Zito and Kim Zito. Image Source: Social Media.

Nick Zito’s spouse began breaking young horses and demonstrating her own horses once she arrived. Yet, it wasn’t long before the horse enthusiast discovered a cause that would become her genuine passion: retraining racehorses for life away from the track. Kim Zito’s husband only flamed her burning passion, and together they started the noble work of rescuing horses.

How the Idea to Save Horses Came About

According to Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield’s office, three foreign-owned facilities slaughtered more than 90,000 American horses in the United States in 2005 for human consumption. In addition, 35,000 more were sent for slaughter elsewhere.

Many organizations and organizations have made achievements in recent years in saving horses from slaughterhouses, either retraining or adopting them out for successful second vocations or just as pasture companions. Yet, there is still a tremendous demand.

Nick Zito and Kim Zito
Nick Zito and Kim Zito. Image source: YouTube

After learning about such a sad fact, Kim Zito and a few other partners founded The Kentucky Equine Humane Center (KEHC). The shelter plans to build a first-of-its-kind equine shelter, similar to animal shelters run by local humane societies, in the heart of the world’s horse capital, Lexington, Kentucky.

The End Goal?

Kim Zito, a persistent champion for equine welfare, has retrained a variety of horses for professions ranging from basic riding horses to steeplechase mounts and jumping competitions. She has been active with several welfare groups alongside her spouse, Racing Hall of Fame trainer Nick Zito.

Mrs. Zito volunteers her time and training skills to organizations like New VocationsReRun, and the Lost and Found Horse Rescue, as well as retirement groups such as the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

Lori Neagle, a KEHC board member, stated that the KEHC would assist the horses and benefit many compassionate individuals who have sad life situations that prevent them from retaining their horses and must surrender those animals. When KEHC opens its doors, no Kentucky citizen will be able to claim that he had no option but to send a horse to slaughter.

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Nick Zito and Kim Zito have undoubtedly saved countless horses from being needlessly killed, and we applaud their efforts. We hope that through this article, we raise awareness to help those poor creatures find better homes. 

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