5 Fascinating Facts About Nyck De Vries’ Girlfriend: Wedding Bells Soon?

The name of the Dutch racing phenomenon, Nyck De Vries, is enough to give chills to motorsport fans worldwide. He competes in Formula One for the Scuderia Alpha Tauri team.

Fans’ query about Nyck’s romantic life is also rapidly increasing with his rising popularity and fame. Thus, brace yourself as we divulge five amazing facts about Nyck De Vries’ girlfriend.

5. Nyck De Vries’ Girlfriend is a Social Media and Content Creator

People become really curious when they discover that their favorite celebrity or sportsperson has someone special in their lives. The same is true for Nyck de Vries as well. 

People were dying to know about the personal and professional life of Nyck de Vries’ partner. So, here we are, giving you an insight into the beautiful lady who mesmerized Nyck with her charm.

The Dutch racer is currently in a relationship with a gorgeous woman who goes by the name of Eva Bruggenwirth.

Nyck De Vries' Girlfriend
Nyck De Vries’ Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Eva is presently employed as a social media and content creator at Anna + Nina, a well-advertised fashion brand headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Eva takes charge behind the camera to photoshoot models to promote her company’s brands. Her company is involved in selling jewelry, homeware, and clothing collection.

The Amsterdam native started as a content creator in January 2022 at the company and has worked her way up to the position of social media creator. Her Instagram account is filled with work content, and she seems really good at her job.

4. Eva Owns Her Own Business

Yes, you read it right. The heartthrob of the Dutch racing phenomenon owns her own business. Eva loves the fashion industry so much that she launched her own brand in 2021.

The brand’s name is Guapalana, which she started with her mother.

The mother and daughter duo promote their brand, which sells knits made of mohair wool. What’s more fascinating is that the brand’s products are handmade personally by Eva and her mom.

So, if you are in Amsterdam and in dire need of products related to mohair wool, Guapalana can be your go-to place.

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3. Studied Communication, But Fashion and Content Were Her Passion

All of us have often heard of or seen people choosing different career paths than their formal education, and Nick De Vries’ girlfriend Eva falls under the same category. 

Nyck De Vries' Girlfriend
Nyck De Vries’ Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Eva did her formal education at Hanzehogeschool Groningen / Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. She majored in communication and graduated in 2021. After receiving her degree, she did a four-month course in Interior Design at NIA ACADAMIE. 

Soon, Miss Bruggenwirth launched her own business and started working as a content creator. Since 2021, she has been involved in the fashion industry.

2. Celebrates Birthday in June 

The lady love of the Dutch racing sensation was born in June 1998. She enjoys celebrating her birthday with her family and boyfriend.

Nyck never backs down from showing love to his Boss, the pet name for his girlfriend. Yes, the Dutch racer might be the Boss behind the wheels, but outside the track, he also has a boss in the form of his girlfriend.

Vries showers his love to his lady luck by wishing her a happy birthday by posting beautiful pictures on his social media handles. 

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1. Going Strong with Nyck From Day One

Nyck and Eva’s love story is making headlines all over the world. But, the lovely couple like to keep the world guessing as they have not mentioned when and how they met. 

However, Eva posted their first official picture together in late 2019 on her Instagram. This shows that they have been by each other’s sides for a long time now.

Nyck De Vries' Girlfreind
Nyck De Vries’ Girlfreind. Image Credit: Instagram.

The beautiful pair go on vacation together and likes to spend time in each other’s company. Eva also seems really close to Nyck’s family, as he has shared multiple pictures of her with his family on his Instagram.

Still, a question has to be asked. Are Nyck and Eva expecting wedding bells soon? The Formula One racer might hustle during his race inside the track, but he is taking his sweet time announcing the next chapter of his romantic life.

So, let’s wait and hope for an announcement from the couple. In conclusion, Nyck De Vries’ girlfriend is one of the pillars of his success, and their love seems to grow with each year passing.

We hope the couple stays like this in the coming years and keep each other happy for a long time.

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