Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman – Get to Know Owain Arthur’s Wife Who Stands by His Side!

Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman – Get to Know Owain Arthur’s Wife Who Stands by His Side!

Owain Arthur's Wife. Image Source: Instagram.

Have you heard the name, Owain Arthur? Regardless of the response, you will surely get to know more about the man in this blog.

As we dive deep into the actor’s life and we will be divulging details about Owain Arthur’s wife. So, stick till the end to quench your curiosity about the performer.

Getting To Know Owain Arthur

  • Owain Arthur, a talented Welsh actor born on March 5th, 1983, gained widespread recognition for his outstanding portrayal of Francis Henshall in The National Theatre’s highly acclaimed production of One Man, Two Guvnors at the prestigious Royal Haymarket Theatre.
  • His formative years were spent honing his craft and appearing in the S4C series Rownd a Rownd while attending Ysgol Glanaethwy performing arts school located in Bangor, Wales.
  • After completing his early education, Arthur pursued formal training at London’s esteemed Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  • It was through this rigorous program that he developed the skills necessary to excel within the demanding field of acting – laying down strong foundations which have been instrumental in shaping both his flourishing career and accomplishments today!

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A Look Into His Acting Career 

Arthur Darvill, the versatile actor known for his acclaimed performance in One Man, Two Guvnors, has an extensive theatre background.

That includes notable roles such as Romeo and Juliet for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Comedy of Errors at the Royal Exchange Theatre. His stage repertoire also boasts Birdsong at the Comedy Theatre.


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Beyond theatre, Arthur is a familiar face on UK television screens. Along with performing on stage and in films, Arthur lent his voice talents to Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, where he portrayed Lofty in 2018.

Recently in 2022, Arthur showcased his talent once again by playing Durin IV – The Dwarven Prince, in The Lord of Rings: The Rings of Power.

Furthermore, the actor is starring in Amazon Prime’s highly-anticipated series alongside Morfydd Clark, who spoke Welsh along with him on set together with Trystan Gravelle.

Who is Owain Arthur’s Wife?

There is currently a lack of information pertaining to Owain Arthur’s wife, leaving many curious fans in the dark about his marital status.

The actor has shrouded his dating life from public scrutiny as he navigates the cutthroat entertainment industry.

It’s no secret that fame and popularity can bring forth an avalanche of negative attention and potential danger for high-profile individuals such as actors.

Owain Arthur's Wife
Owain Arthur’s Wife. Image Source: Instagram.

Consequently, it is typical for those who have found love to keep their significant other under wraps in order to shield them from harm.

However, without confirmation straight from Mr.Arthur himself – we cannot determine whether this acclaimed actor continues to fly solo or if he indeed harbors a concealed lover.

Similarly, you may also want to know about the actor Joseph Mawle.

He appreciates His Fan Support

Owain Arthur, known for his exceptional performances and acting in blockbuster movies, has been the subject of much curiosity among fans regarding his personal life.

Despite being half of a power couple, the actor maintains a tight-lipped approach to sharing details about himself or his loved ones.

Despite maintaining an active social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, Owain refrains from divulging any information that relates to his private life.

However, Owen does post pictures documenting memorable times spent with friends or fellow actors.

This suggests that while he prefers keeping aspects of his personal life under wraps, Owain values his fans’ support by regularly updating them about professional endeavors via social media platforms.

We wish Arthur the best of luck in his next films and television projects, even though he prefers to keep his dating and personal life private. We do hope that one day he will open up to the rest of the world.

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