5 Inspiring Facts About Lincoln Kienholz’s Net Worth

As sports enthusiasts are often interested in the salary of their favorite athletes, you may be wondering about Lincoln Kienholz’s net worth. Therefore we got you covered.

In this blog, we will explore more insights into the life of this talented athlete and reveal details such as Lincoln Kienholz’s earnings and income streams.

5. He Made His Mark In High School

According to 247Sports, Lincoln is recognized as the 13th top-rated quarterback and ranked the 172nd-best player in America.

In addition to football, this three-sport athlete excels impressively on baseball grounds and basketball.


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Lincoln’s senior year stats of completing an extraordinary 66% of passes covering a total of over 3.4K yards with an incredible count of scoring for astounding 46 touchdowns was remarkable.

For succession years, he received recognition as the Most Valuable Player award winner at the 11AA state championship game.

The athlete scored more than 9K passing yards, followed by 104 touchdowns, making headlines due to the brilliance showcased playing here alongside other seasoned players.

With such an impressive high school record, Kienholz successfully grabbed the attention of many, leading to an increase in his popularity.

4. Lincoln is Dedicated To His Craft

One cannot overlook Lincoln Kienholz’s impressive skills on the field without realizing that they were not innate abilities but a result of years of effort and practice.

Having been born in Pierre, South Dakota, Lincoln must have devoted countless hours to reach his current level as a player.

While pursuing his goal, the footballer inevitably faced numerous challenges which he did not allow to discourage him or weaken his resolve.

Instead, Kacy Kienholz’s son used them as stepping stones toward achieving a great future for himself.

Displaying extraordinary commitment and determination to perfect his craft suggests a significant possibility for this athlete to advance even further into NFL.

3. Scholarships Played a Huge Part In Building His Fortunes

Lincoln Kienholz’s outstanding performance in college football attracted the attention of renowned universities, including Wyoming, North Dakota State, Washington, Wisconsin, and more.

Nevertheless, he decided to remain loyal to his roots and opt for Ohio State.

Lincoln’s proficiency in sports has created several prospects during matches and post-seasons that he utilizes wisely to secure financial benefits.

Lincoln Kienholz's Net Worth
Lincoln Kienholz’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

One critical source that aided Lincoln Kienholz’s fortune is the scholarship presented by Ohio State which reduced his expenses.

Also, he is only the third scholarship quarterback on Ohio State‘s roster.

This enables him to focus entirely on enhancing his skills without any monetary burden holding him back.

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2. Inspiring Others On and Off The Field

Lincoln Kienholz, a successful athlete, understands the significance of being influential in a friendly manner.

The quarterback serves as a role model for younger players on the field by demonstrating his impressive abilities and unwavering determination.

The footballer motivates others through his persistent focus on personal growth and self-improvement.

As an athlete, individual, and leader, he is committed to constantly developing himself through expanding knowledge beyond just sports while acquiring new skills and drawing mentorship.

Due to this dedication towards progress, not only has Lincoln been able to excel in his sport, but it has also stimulated others who are now passionate about pursuing their respective goals with great vigor.

1. NIL is the Biggest Factor To Lincoln Kienholz’s Net Worth

Although the quarterback is currently placed 201st among other college football players in terms of the NIL rating system, the athlete has a considerable NIL Valuation.

According to current estimates, Lincoln can earn up to $109K while continuing as a college athlete; however, it may increase due to enhanced performance levels.

There are high expectations about Lincoln Kienholz’s net worth since he has grown rapidly in popularity among fans and sports enthusiasts.

Currently unknown, Lincoln Kienholz’s wealth could transform into an immense fortune for him shortly, based on how quickly he’s garnering recognition within the industry.

Therefore we congratulate Lincoln Kienholz on his achievements so far and wish him all the best toward reaching NFL targets.

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