Who is Raul Brancaccio’s Girlfriend? All You Need to Know

Who is Raul Brancaccio’s Girlfriend? All You Need to Know

Raul Brancaccio Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

The tennis player Raul Brancaccio has made himself a prominent tennis player through his skills and dedication. However, who’s that person who has a prominent place in the player’s heart?

This blog will delve into the personal life of the tennis player, including Raul Brancaccio’s girlfriend. Are you all excited to know about the important person in Raul’s life?

Knowing Brancaccio

  • The tennis player was born on 4 May 1997 to an Italian father and a Spanish mother in Torre del Greco, Italy. He has a sister, Nuria Brancaccio, who is also a tennis player.
  • The right-handed player was ranked world no 1334 in 2015. His ambition and skills improvements made him climb to world no 121 for the singles on 13 February 2023.
  • The 6 foot player has groomed his talent under the leadership of coach Ciro Figaro.
  • During the world tennis tour, he played a total of 2 games. He nailed both of the games with a top score of 5-3 and 6-3.

Raul Brancaccio’s Girlfriend

Raul is a famous tennis player, so it is evident that his fans will try to know more about his personal life, including his romantic relationships.

The professional tennis player is currently in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Andrea Gálvez Bresó. She is a strong, independent, and goal-oriented person who knows how to balance her professional and love life.

Raul Brancaccio’s girlfriend has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources from the University of Valencia.

Andrea completed her master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Services from EAE Business School.

Raul Brancaccio's Girlfriend
Raul Brancaccio’s Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

Raul Brancaccio’s partner is a goal-focused and ambitious person. She worked as a store clerk in Brookville, and later she shifted her job to Hipoges Iberia as a reception assistant.

Currently, Andrea is working as the head of the human resource department at THE-ARE. It is a fashion brand for women.

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How Did The Couple Meet?

There is no information about how this duo met each other. They are tight-lipped about opening up about the details of their relationship.

The beautiful couple is the perfect example of keeping their relationship private but not secret. They made their relationship official after sharing photos on their social media platforms.

Recently, they appeared together in FM Oven of Alcedo 2023. 

The couple have been together for almost four years. They are open about showing their love and affection on social media platforms. They are seen going on vacations and appearing in various events together.

The meeting of these beautiful people can just be a chance encounter, a mutual connection, or a shared interest. Regardless of the story, this couple has shown their lovely bond that may lead to happiness and companionship of a lifetime.

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Long Distance Relationship and How They Manage It?

The Italian tennis player shared that he is in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. He explained that there is no secret recipe for maintaining a long-distance relationship.

But it is all about love, respect, sharing details, making time, and planning reunions. 

It must have been a hard time for both of them to schedule their time for work and each other.

The intense practice sessions and the pressure to meet the goals, win tournaments, and perform even under pressure show how challenging it can be for Raul to maintain a long-distance relationship.


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Raul Brancaccio’s love interest has been supportive throughout the years and cheered him for his achievements and triumphs. It can be assumed that she has been a driving force in his tennis career.

However, effective communication and a complete trust have helped them overcome the distance between them.

Therefore, we hope to hear more about their relationship from them and wish them good luck in their further journey in their relationship.

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