Romano Fenati’s Disqualifying Move Could Have Led to a Fatal Accident: The Dark Side of Racing

Romano Fenati’s Disqualifying Move Could Have Led to a Fatal Accident: The Dark Side of Racing

Romano Fenati's Disqualifying Move. Image Source: Instagram.

The Moto3 championship 2023 is around the corner, so Romano Fenati’s disqualifying move of the past has been resurfacing again.

Here, we will be having a look into the racer’s career and past controversies. So, stay by our side to know it all.

Who Is Romano Fenati?

  • Romano is a well-known Italian motorcycle racer who participates in the Grand Prix. He has won races in Moto3 and emerged as the championship runner-up of the Italian 125GP series.
  • In September 2022, Fenati signed with Snipers Team to compete in the Moto3 World Championship of 2023.
  • Unfortunately, Romano’s history contains some controversy surrounding his dangerous style of riding.
  • In September 2018, Romano’s team Marinelli Snipers fired him, and he decided to retire from racing.
  • This decision appeared permanent initially, as he had already received a two-race ban for not finishing a season earlier.
  • However, later on, matters were resolved, and Romano made a comeback in November of 2018 for the 2019 Moto3 competition.
  • Furthermore, in September of 2022, the rider agreed to join Snipers Team for the 2023 Moto3 World Championship and became a part of their racing squad.

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Fenati’s Early Career

Romano entered the Moto3 World Championship in 2012 and quickly gained recognition by winning the race at Jerez.

Although he did not win Rookie of the Year, Romano’s impressive performance sparked high hopes for his talent.

In the following year, Fenati faced more difficulties and ended up ranking only tenth overall.

In 2014, he joined SKY Racing Team VR46, which was owned by renowned rider Valentino Rossi. He won four times during this period and finished fifth in the final standings.

Romano Fenati's Disqualifying Move
Romano Fenati’s Disqualifying Move. Image Source: Instagram.

The racer continued racing with them the next year, hoping to qualify for the championship title.

However, lack of consistency dashed all aspirations despite securing one victory at Le Mans and finishing in the top five in eight races.

Despite this setback, the sportsman still earned a total of 176 points, just like in 2014 but managed to rank one position higher on the leaderboard by the end of the season.

Recent Highlights Of The Racer’s Career

In 2017, Fenati did well in Moto3, with three victories and five times on the podium.

The following year, the racer moved up to Moto2 with his original team, hoping to be named the new rider of the year.

Unfortunately, the athlete was disqualified from racing at Misano until the end of the 2018 season.

In 2020, Fenati moved back to Moto3 class and joined the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team, riding on a Husqvarna.

The racer struggled to maintain consistency throughout the season but was able to secure an important win at Emilia-Romagna GP and finish fourth at MotorLand.


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The following year, Romano continued with Max Racing and significantly improved his performance by achieving four podium finishes that included an unforgettable victory in Silverstone.

The biker’s exceptional skills caught the attention of the Speed Up squad, who offered him a spot without prior notice.

Unfortunately, their partnership ended after only six rounds leaving Fenati bikeless for the rest of the season.

However, Rivacold Snipers Team recently provided him with another opportunity allowing him to participate in Moto3 grid requirements until at least 2023 or further beyond milestones.

What Was Romano Fenati’s Disqualifying Move?

Romano got disqualified from the 2018 San Marino Grand Prix for a dangerous move that he made while competing with another rider, Stefano Manzi.

As they rode at high speeds and jostled to overtake each other, Romano reached out and grabbed the brake lever of Manzi’s bike, causing it suddenly slows down.

Romano Fenati’s disqualifying move could have led to a severe accident or even loss of life if not for Manzi’s quick reflexes in maintaining control of his bike.

After Italian motorcyclist Romano Fenati interfered with another racer’s vehicle by grabbing its brake lever during a Grand Prix race, he was immediately disqualified from the competition.

The disqualification resulted in his exclusion from the following two races and led to his being fired from his team.

Fans and other riders heavily condemned this act of recklessness, prompting calls for Fenati to be permanently barred from participating in motorsports events altogether.

Fenati has been no stranger to controversy, as he had also received criticism for switching off an opponent’s engine during a practice start back in 2017.

The racer is known to have previously lashed out at fellow competitors on some occasions as well leading critics further discredit him.

Although Romano has been through many controversies, our support for the athlete has not wavered a bit, and in the future, we hope that the biker wouldn’t have any controversies in the future.

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