5 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend

5 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend

Sebastian Korda's Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

If you have been following tennis lately, American tennis player Sebastian Korda, who recently received his career-high ranking at world no 25, definitely must have caught your attention. 

But aside from his tennis powers, what else draws people’s attention? It stems from Sebastian Korda’s girlfriend’s inquisitiveness.

So, this article has shed some light on the tennis player’s love life.

Who is Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend?

As many people are curious about the person who has been supporting the tennis player from the stands, we can reveal that she is none other than his girlfriend, Ivana Nedved.

Sebastian Korda’s girlfriend is a Czech citizen with a master’s graduate in international marketing. 

The couple has decided to be tight-lipped regarding the details of their relationship, such as where and how they met. 

However, Ivana disclosed their relationship to the public on May 11, 2021, and later shared more details about their relationship on May 30, 2021, marking their very first tournament together and Sebastian’s first win on the ATP Tour.

 Sebastian Korda's Girlfriend
Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

From this detail, it can be assumed that the couple has been together since the beginning of 2021.

Moreover, Korda confirmed their relationship by sharing adorable pictures of them cuddling and embracing together on September 21, 2021.

From then on, the beautiful duo shares glimpses of the relationship on Instagram, showing their love and support for each other and exhibiting their presence in each other’s lives.

A recent one was the tennis player’s visit to his girlfriend’s country “Italy”, spending a cozy Valentine’s Day with her embellished with roses and other goodies.

Expert in Her Own Field

Ivana has established a distinct individual sense of who she is as a person and is not just recognized for being Sebastian Korda’s lover.

Nedved has graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education, completing her bachelor-level education in Events, Sports, and Entertainment, specializing in Luxury Brand Management.

Furthermore, the intellectual Ivana recently graduated from King’s College London after achieving a master’s degree in international marketing. 

From the beginning of Ivana’s college days, she started to groom herself in the outside world through her workspace.

Ivana worked in Brand and communication management at Alfa Romeo for almost 6 months.

Later, the beauty interned at the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) as an assistant brand manager in the marketing department.

Furthermore, before enrolling at King’s College, she worked as an editor intern for almost half a year at Condé Nast Italia. 

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She is a Person With Diverse Interests and Talents

Sebastian Korda’s love interest is active on Instagram, with many fans following around 81k. 

Nedved has an aesthetic social media account where she posts about her traveling hobbies, time with friends, and other different stuff.

The March 25th-born Ivana has a soft heart and a friendly persona, which makes her loved and cared for by other people nearby.

 Sebastian Korda's Girlfriend
Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Usually, Ivan is seen having her photographs taken by Lele Odrini with makeup from makeup artist Francesca Bruno.

So, it can be assumed that with such a large fan following, the sweet woman quickly turns into a social media influencer.

Connected to Sports in More Than One Way

As you see, the name Ivana Nedved, did something cross your mind? If yes, then you are moving in the correct direction of unveiling her connections to other sports world.

Ivana is the daughter of a famous Czech former football player, Pavel Nedved, and also has a brother, Pavel Nedved Jr., who is an aspiring athlete.

The name of the two Nedved siblings actually comes from their parent’s names, Pavel Nedved and Ivana Nedvědová.

Sebastian Korda's Girlfriend
Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Through Ivana’s Instagram, it can be assumed that the two siblings are very close to each other and actively support their father.

The siblings were often spotted watching their father’s football match and supporting him.

The beautiful family celebrates the festivals together, including Christmas, where they share their heart and spend quality time.

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Supportive Girlfriend Filled With Love And Care

Sebastian Korda’s partner has consistently been his unwavering source of strength throughout his tennis career.

Ivana embodies inspiration in his life, whether it’s her enthusiastic presence on the courts, her empathetic ear after a tough match, or her unyielding faith in his abilities, pushing him beyond his comfort zone in pursuit of excellence.

Ivana’s steadfast support, standing beside him through victories and providing solace during setbacks, forms the bedrock of their partnership.

Sebastian Korda's Girlfriend
Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Together, they create an unbreakable team, as her commitment extends far beyond the sidelines.

It’s either traveling the world with him on the professional tennis circuit or fostering an environment of confidence and determination that propels Korda towards new heights in his tennis journey.

Hence, we hope that the togetherness of this beautiful couple will last for a long time, with the bond connected to their marriage vows.

Published On: August 27, 2023

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