Who Is SkinOwl’s Founder Annie Tevelin’s Husband: A Love Story Straight Out of The Movie

Who Is SkinOwl’s Founder Annie Tevelin’s Husband: A Love Story Straight Out of The Movie

Annie Tevelin's Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Have you ever used a product that didn’t work for your acne and skin problems? The founder of SkinOwlAnnie Tevelin, also faced similar problems.

In this blog, we will be walking through the mysterious journey of the founder and scraping out the facts about Annie Tevelin’s Husband. So stick with us to not miss any details.

Meet Annie Tevelin

  • Annie Tevelin is the brains behind the SkinOwl skincare line, who previously served as a makeup artist with Lancôme
  • Striving to develop her oil formula for combating acne, she took cosmetic chemistry classes at the University of California (UCLA). 
  • Her crusade towards educating individuals about their skin needs sets her apart from others in the industry by creating an environment where every concern can be addressed without any reservations. 
  • Tevelin strongly believes that brand growth should be evolutionary rather than rushed – prioritizing SkinOwl’s reputation over profits reiterates this stance of hers. 
  • Annie had a hard time dealing with cystic acne for years. She spent lots of money on dermatologist appointments and skincare products but didn’t see much improvement.
  • This left her feeling hopeless, like many other women who faced the same problem, which led to her being approached by salespeople selling various problem-solving products that did not help with their concerns.
  • So, she decided to establish her own company, and that was SkinOwl.

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A Bit About SkinOwl

SkinOwl is an all-natural skincare brand originating from Los Angeles, providing top-quality ingredients and utilizing environment-friendly packaging. 

The company’s aim focuses on promoting self-care with its skin care products.

SkinOwl pledges to offer uncomplicated yet effective solutions that lead you toward personal growth regarding self-care practices. 

Their product line exemplifies a conscious choice since it incorporates vegan and plant-based essentials while being free from animal cruelty. 

Annie’s journey to find the right solutions for her cystic acne was what led to the creation of this incredible skincare foundation.

The foundation is established to help tackle various stubborn skin issues that people around the world commonly experience.

SkinOwl firmly commits to delivering authentic opportunities for you-time while looking after your body’s well-being simultaneously.

Annie Tevelin’s Husband: Is She Married?

As Annie gains more popularity, many people have started to inquire about her romantic life. 

There is a growing curiosity among the public about whether or not the founder of an organization is married.

Fortunately, we can confirm that she has already tied the knot with Micah Golden-Grant, and they are happily together as of now. 

 Annie Tevelin's Husband
Annie Tevelin’s Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

The couple also shares a delightful child named Monty Golden-Grantwho brings immense joy into their lives. 

They often share pictures on Instagram which depict their love-filled bond as well as moments of happiness in their daily routine. 

Clearly, both partners’ connection grows stronger every passing day, making them feel fortunate and content in one another’s company.

Similarly, you may be interested in knowing about another beauty company’s CEO Dorian Morris.

Meet Annie Tevelin’s Spouse: Micah Golden-Grant

Micah is an experienced real estate agent who currently works at Amherst Madison

Annie Tevelin’s Husband has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has his own website where he can be contacted for business purposes. 

Micah graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in sociology back in 2006.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he pursued further studies to earn his Masters Degree in Education by staying another year at UCSB


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It is worth noting that this dedicated agent’s enthusiasm extends beyond real estate as he actively participates as a fitness enthusiast too.

It is safe to say so because Annie Tevelin’s spouse has two-year experiences as a founder and personal trainer of Golden Fitness.

Further more, the real state agent also was the Head of Performance Training at Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine.

Stuck Together Through Life’s Ups And Downs

Annie in an interview revealed that she has always been very unlucky when it comes to dating. Even after meeting Micah, her luck didn’t change as she lost a child due to a miscarriage at seven weeks.

When Annie lost her child, she wasn’t even married or even engaged but having that experience changed something in her. By then, she wanted a child but this time, Annie and Micah decided to do things by the book.

So the pair got married and tried again. A year after their marriage, fate finally smiled upon them and they were blessed with a healthy baby boy.

After the successful delivery, Annie was more than relieved as she worried that she had become a ‘miscarriage mom’ but with the support of her beau, everything worked out well.

Despite life’s hardships, Annie Tevelin’s husband always stuck by her side and got through a challenging time together.

So, before we leave, we would like to offer our best wishes to the duo and their child and hope the lovebirds’ love grows stronger than ever.

Published On: June 22, 2023

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