Who Is Sonja Reid Dating ? Pros And Cons Of Dating OMGitsfirefoxx

Who Is Sonja Reid Dating ? Pros And Cons Of Dating OMGitsfirefoxx

Sonja Reid moved to Portland in 2016 for a fresh start. Image Source: Sonja Reid Instagram.

Canadian podcast broadcaster and Twitch streamer Sonja Reid is better known online as OMGitsfirefoxx. Moreover, Sonja is also an actress, as she has performed in shows such as Mianite, Hero Mode, and CaRtOoNz. One question that never leaves her is who is Sonja Reid dating after her relationship with Tucker Boner ended.

Sonja has over 736K followers on her Twitch as of January 2023. Having a bright career, Sonja must have a wonderful love life. With massive followers on Twitch and Instagram, who has her heart? So continue reading to know who is Sonja Reid dating.

How Did Sonja Rose To Fame?

Sonja’s journey to fame and stardom is quite interesting. This young girl started her career in 2013 on youtube. Did you know one of her biggest breaks came from working with others? She started a daily Minecraft stream with her friends. A mere idea of just playing the eSport with pals and hanging out, blew up and turned into a huge series named Mianite.


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People began subscribing to her channel, particularly gamers, as she started making gaming content. In January 2014, she became a partner on Twitch, and by October of the next year, she had become the most-followed female user on the platform. Additionally, in 2016, she was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30.” The following year, Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition named her “Most followed female videogames broadcaster on Twitch.”

Sonja Reid Career

Growing up in foster care, Sonja Reid was born in Toronto, Canada, on February 12, 1991. She later moved to Portland in 2016 for a fresh start. Details regarding Reid’s upbringing and family members have yet to be discovered on the internet. The twitch star studied computer programming and was employed in the retail industry before starting streaming. However, she left the job when she joined Twitch as a partner in 2014.

Sonja Reid Dating
Sonja Reid was born in Toronto, Canada, on February 12, 1991. Image Source: Sonja Reid Instagram.

Moreover, from her Linkedin, one of her co-workers has stated that Reid has exceptional skills in producing video content and interviewing and hosting live events. Sonja has an extraordinary career, as she also presided over the SXSW Gaming Awards in 2018. Additionally, she and Aaron Bleyaert started co-hosting the gaming and humor podcast Good Game Nice Try! in November 2020.

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Who Is Sonja Reid Dating?

Having a great successful career, Sonja’s love life must also be very successful. So continue to read and find out about who is Sonja Reid dating. Sonja had dated her fellow gamer, Tucker Boner. Tucker is famously known as Jericho. The duo formerly met while playing an online game together. Moreover, the former couple also collaborated on many Twitch gaming live streams. Unfortunately, Sonja and Tucker called it quit in 2016. However, the duo has kept their reason for the breakup under the radar.

Sonja was later rumored to date Nick Sanchez. The rumors turned out to be accurate as Sonja started to flex her relationship with Nick on her Instagram. Sonja Reid’s boyfriend is a neuro researcher and a certified reiki healer. Sonja reportedly began dating Nick in mid-2018 and revealed him to the public in September 2018. However, whether the couple is still together or not is a question, as Sonja no longer seems to post about Nick on her social media handles.

Pros And Cons Of Dating OMGitsfirefoxx

Dating a famous person is in almost everyone’s fantasies and dreams. But sadly, every bright thing has dark sides to it. Similarly, dating a celeb is all fun and games until it doesn’t get fun anymore. Here are a few pros and cons of Sonja Reid dating you.

Talking about the bright side, you don’t have to work anymore. Yes, you read that right. Since Sonja is super popular and has amassed a huge net worth, you don’t really have to work anymore, as Sonja can provide for you. Almost everyone wants to be popular these days. So if you want to be popular, dating Sonja will increase your Instagram follower in just a matter of seconds.

However, as said earlier, all bright sides have a dark side too. Similarly, in this case, dating Sonja will make you popular, but at the same time, you will have no privacy and boundaries due to the paparazzi. Moreover, everywhere you go, people will know you just by Sonja’s partner and not by your own name. In case you’re just an ordinary person or a less-known public figure.

Overall, Sonja seems to be doing very well in her professional as well as personal life. However, regarding who is Sonja Reid dating, we must wait on her to spill the beans. Nevertheless, we wish her the very best for her future adventures and endorsements and hope she reveals more about herself.

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