5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Stephen Sanchez’s Ex-Girlfriend Georgia

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Stephen Sanchez’s Ex-Girlfriend Georgia

Stephen Sanchez's ex-girlfriend, Georgia Brown is also a singer. Image Source: Georgia Brown TikTok.

Have you sworn to never fall in love again? If so, then did someone succeed in failing you? or are you still secretly waiting for that to happen? When Stephen Sanchez sang about not falling in love unless it’s one particular person, the whole world sang along with him. But do you know the muse behind his greatest hit is his ex-lover? The song was written for Stephen Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend, Georgia Brown.

Though the couple has called it quits, the love they once shared is encapsulated forever in Sanchez’s song. When Stephen revealed details about the making of his song Until I Found You the whole world wanted to know about Georgia. So we are here to help you learn five facts about the girl whom Stephen loved to the point of invention.

5. Stephen Sanchez’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Also A Singer

Sanchez fell for someone with equally good musical talent. She posts a lot of music covers and some of her own as well in her TikTok account. Her velvety soft voice has us swooning over her and many others.  She has quite a fan following on her account, with 18.3K followers and over 500K likes on TikTok.


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Some of her original songs are Kinda Miss You, Kinda Hate You, codependency, and other untitled songs. However, Stephen Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend has refrained from releasing her own songs, but we look forward to seeing the release of her original song soon.

4. Is An Interior Design Student

Stephen Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend is a woman of many talents. We have come to know that apart from being musically gifted, she is also an interior design graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Sanchez’s muse is also into pottery and showcases her ceramic works on her Instagram account, which is solely dedicated to her interior designing and art pieces. She is one heck of a talented woman. No wonder Stephen fell for her. Now, learn about JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus‘ breakup.

3. Is A Fan Of Harry Styles

There’s no one immune to the charm of former One Direction band member Harry Styles, and Georgia is no exception. She, too, can be seen fangirling over Styles occasionally.

From attending Harry’s concert to having his cut-out headpiece hung on her car, Brown has always made her likeness towards Styles crystal clear. Hopefully, she will get to meet her idol and even collaborate.

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2. Reconnected With Sanchez

In multiple interviews, Sanchez revealed that he had initially pushed Georgia away as he did not want to involve her in his family’s complicated situation. But after he moved to Nashville, he reconnected with Georgia. Stephen took her to dinner, and they started dating.

Stephen Sanchez's ex-girlfriend
Stephen Sanchez and Georgia Brown have broken up. Photo Source: Georgia Brown’s Instagram.

During the best time of their relationship, Sanchez wrote Until I Found You for Georgia; looking back at the time, he was reluctant. Unfortunately, the couple called it quits for unknown reasons but claims to be good friends.

1. Sang Until I Found You

Stephen Sanchez’s most significant hit, Until I Found You, was written for Georgia, and the sole fact has made the song even more special than it already was. But another shocking revelation will make you repeatedly listen to the song again. Did you know Georgia was part of the song as well?

As before mentioned, Stephen Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend is also a singer, and the inspiration herself gave background vocals to the song. You can hear her sing during the ending chorus of the song. With her actual involvement in the song makes the single even more special.

Sadly, Stephen Sanchez is no longer with Georgia, but millions of other couples are keeping the zest of the song alive through their own interpretation of his song, and to Sanchez, this very reason takes away the sting of not being with the girl he loved.

On another note, Stephen has moved on from Georgia to Evangeline – his new single, which came out on January 25, 2023. As always, Sanchez took us on a joyride to the 50s and 60s era of music.

Published On: February 15, 2023

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