Breaking Down Tabitha Soren’s Net Worth: What Are Her Earning Sources?

Breaking Down Tabitha Soren’s Net Worth: What Are Her Earning Sources?

Tabitha Soren's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Born: August 19, 1967
Gender: Female
Height: 6 feet 2 inches (Est.)
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Source of Wealth: Photographer

Have you ever wondered how much does a photographer earn? To answer the question, we will be having a closer look at Tabitha Soren’s life.

In this blog, we will be scooping out the American photographer Tabitha Soren’s net worth. So, stay put as we divulge her fortune.

Who Is Tabitha Soren?

  • Born on August 19, 1967, in San Antonio, Texas, Soren is a photographer and former reporter for popular media outlets such as MTV NewsABC News, and NBC News.
  • She is also known for her work as an actress and writer in movies like ContactThe Cable Guy, and Enough Is Enough.
  •  She completed her high school education at Hampton High School, located in Hampton, Virginia.
  • Tabitha Soren explores photography by pushing its limits and embracing its unpredictable nature.
  • Through her unique approach, she delves into the depths of each photograph to uncover its extensive history.
  • Additionally, she experiments with different techniques that add complexity to the original source material.
  • This multi-layered process not only challenges viewers’ perceptions but also reveals the emotional depth of her subjects.
  • It creates a captivating dynamic between what can be seen on the surface and what lies beneath it.

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The Actress’ Career Highlights

Soren, as a 19-year-old student at NYU, made an appearance in the music video for Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys in 1987.

At age 23, Soren became the face of MTV’s Choose or Lost campaign, which aimed to encourage young adults to vote.

Following her work in television news, Soren spent a year studying art and photography at Stanford University. 

In 2012, Soren exhibited her show Running at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2015, Soren’s exhibition titled Fantasy Life was first displayed at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles before moving to different galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tabitha Soren's Net Worth
Tabitha Soren’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

The exhibition featured pictures of 21 baseball players who were part of the Oakland A’s 2002 draft class.

Over a span of thirteen years, Soren documented their journey until they retired from professional baseball.

In 2017, Aperture Foundation published a collection of Soren’s Fantasy Life photos accompanied by text written by Dave Eggers.

During that summer, EUQINOM projects gallery in San Francisco presented artwork from her Surface Tension series, where all photos were taken using large format film.

The gallery also presented some photographs from her project As Far As You Know during the time period as well.

Tabitha Soren’s Net Worth – $25 Million

Upon reviewing her notable professional accomplishments, it is now evident that the photographer has gained valuable expertise in various domains.

Additionally, Tabitha has achieved remarkable success in those areas.

Therefore, considering her numerous triumphs and achievements across different fields, it can be surmised that Tabitha Soren’s fortune is substantial throughout her career.

More precisely, Tabitha Soren’s net worth currently stands at approximately $25 million when combined with the net worth of her husband, Michael Lewis as well.

Michael is a well-known American writer who has become famous for his best-selling non-fiction books like Moneyball, The Blind Side, and The Big Short.

Lifestyle And Assets

After amassing a substantial fortune of $25 million, it is evident that the previous journalist leads a contented existence alongside her spouse and their offspring.

More precisely, Tabitha shares three children with Lewis: Dixie LewisQuinn Tallulah Lewis, and Walker Jack Lewis.


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Following her Instagram account, it becomes apparent that Tabitha’s primary focus centers around nurturing both her progeny and showcasing various forms of artistic expression.

Therefore, it comes as no shock if the artist possesses an assortment of valuable artwork decorating her home.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Unfortunately, Tabitha Soren’s daughter Dixie Lewis, born in April 2002, died together with her lover Ross Schultz on May 28, 2021, in a head-on collision near Truckee, California.
  • Tabitha Lee Lewis became her full name after she wed Michael Lewis.
  • The photographer’s daughter Quinn Tallulah was born in 1999.
  • Her interviews with Tupac Shakur were featured in the documentary film Tupac: Resurrection, which was released in 2003.

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