The Unanswered Questions About Tanaya Beatty’s Departure From Yellowstone Show

The Unanswered Questions About Tanaya Beatty’s Departure From Yellowstone Show

Tanaya Beatty is a Canadian actress known for her role as Rachel Black in the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1. Photo Source: Social Media.

If you were binging on Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, you might wonder about Avery’s exit from the show. Tanaya Beatty, who plays Avery in the show, was loved by many for her undeniable chemistry with Kayce, played by Luke Grimes. As a result, fans have always longed to know the reason behind Tanaya Beatty’s departure from the said show.

Furthermore, fans are confused if Tanaya will return or not. So if you are curious and want to know why your favorite character departed from Yellowstone, keep up with us until the end. Here, we will reveal everything we know about the actress’ haphazard exit from the show.

Know Avery Of Yellowstone

As mentioned earlier, Tanaya Beatty played Avery on Yellowstone. If you felt like you had seen Beatty before but still didn’t ring a bell, then we’ve got you covered. You might have noticed her in the movie adaptation of the Twilight Saga, where she played Rachel Black in the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1.

Beatty was born in Vancouver, Canada, on February 12, 1991. Her mother is of Native American descent, and her father is of Indian descent, but an Italian family adopted her. Tanaya graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2010. Beatty’s debut movie was The Twilight Saga in 2011. Since then, she has been a part of multiple movies and TV series.

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Reason Behind Tanaya Beatty’s Departure From Yellowstone

Do you know what’s worse than the sudden death of your favorite character? It’s the sudden exit. Avery’s sudden exit left fans in lurches. However, the actress kept her mouth shut and never commented on her leave from Yellowstone. As a result, many rumors and suspicions started floating around the internet.

One fan on Reddit mentioned Beatty left the show due to the impending romance between Avery and Jimmy (another coworker in the Yellowstone ranch played by Jefferson White). So you might wonder why this could lead to her withdrawal from the show.


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In 2015, HBO cast Tanaya for their miniseries called Lewis and Clark, which would be geared toward children. So, Beatty needed to preserve her image, and with Avery’s budding chemistry with Jimmy, it is more likely to have some raunchy scenes on the card. So the speculation of Beatty leaving the show to avoid such scenes and hampering her chances in the HBO series was circulated.

However, to this day, the reason behind Tanaya Beatty’s departure from the show remains a mystery. It could be the series’ broader storyline. But one of the most likely reasons could be to film Crimes of the Future (2022). Tanaya also starred in two other movies; God’s Country and Murder at Yellowstone City.

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Avery’s Return To Season 4 & 5

After the erratic disappearance of Avery in Season 2 of Yellowstone, there was no news regarding the actress’ rearrival on the show. The actress did not return for Season 3, which led to fans thinking the end of Avery’s role in Yellowstone. But in season 4 and 5, fans were treated to the unexpected return of Avery.

Tanaya Beatty's Departure From Yellowstone
Avery returns to season 4 of Yellowstone. Photo Source: Social Media.

After leaving the ranch, she had been training racehorses with her family on Broken Rock Reservation. However, contrary to what was expected to be Avery’s love interest, the show’s storyline took a different turn when Avery confessed to Kayce.

The Yellowstone love triangle between Avery, Kayce, and Monica became an interesting plot in the series. The first half of Yellowstone season 5 was released in November 2022 and wrapped up in January. The date for the second installment of episodes is yet to be announced, but it could be sometime in the summer of 2023.

Nonetheless, fans are curious if Tanaya Beatty’s departure from Yellowstone was temporary. Will we be able to see her perform as Avery in the upcoming season? Well, only time will tell.

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