The Hidden Signs: An Analysis of Jozef Kovalik’s Wife

The Hidden Signs: An Analysis of Jozef Kovalik’s Wife

Jozef Kovalik's Wife. Image source: Instagram.

In today’s world full of materialistic aspects, it is ironic to see people fall in love and stay together in hard times, sharing ups and downs. The instance of longevity and togetherness can be seen between Jozef Kovalik and his partner.

So, this blog will discuss the life and career of the tennis player, emphasizing Jozef Kovalik’s wife. Are you all excited to know more about the professional tennis player?

Knowing Jozef Kovalik

  • The professional tennis player was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, on November 4, 1992.
  • Jozef turned pro in 2010, and his coach is Boris Borgula.
  • The Slovenian player showed his dedication and relentless pursuit of tennis since he was young. Kovalik partnering with Filip Horanský, won a bronze medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.
  • Jozef Kovalik reached his career-high ranking at world no 80 after reaching the ATP level semifinal against Leonardo Mayer at the 2018 German Open.

Perfect Match Of The Player: Jozef Kovalik’s Wife

A person feels more happy and proud when there is someone to share and celebrate the success with. 

There were many moments of success in the career of tennis player Jozef Kovalik. His successes were a more proud and happy moment for the person whom he celebrated his success with.

Jozef shares the pie of his success with his wife, Nikita Vajde. Jozef Kovalik’s spouse is also a Slovenian, born on January 22, 1993, to the parents Marian Vajda and Ingrid Vajda.

The beautiful couple is tight-lipped about the details of the relationship. However, the tennis player made his relationship public in 2016 through his Instagram post.

Contrarily, Nikita made their relationship public back in 2013 on her social media. 

Jozef Kovalik’s wife shared a picture with the caption 12 years together in 2021. So it can be assumed that they have been dating since 2009.

The beautiful couple decided to turn their long-term relationship into a lifelong bond and got married on February 16, 2019. 

The love and affection can be seen in their social media, where they show the presence of each other in their life. 

Jozef and Nikita moved forward with their marriage and entered into parenthood. They gave birth to their first child on August 8, 2019.

The new parents happily shared the moments with their daughter. After two years, Nikita gave birth to their second daughter, Olivia Kovalik, in 2019. She was born with a cyst in her lung, so 2021 was a test year for both new parents.

Jozef and his partner have come a long way in their relationship from girlfriend-boyfriend to husband-wife and now parents.

The beautiful couple will continue this journey with love, care, and trust and be exemplary of how a relationship should be.

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Does Jozef Kovalik’s Partner Play Tennis?

Do you want to know something about Jozef Kovalik’s significant other that might surprise you? Well, the tennis player found himself another tennis player.

Nikita Vajda is also a tennis player. Her dad, Marian Vajda, a former tennis player, and current tennis coach, could have greatly influenced her to play tennis from a young age.

Marian was the head coach of Novak Djokovic for over 15 years before moving on to Alex Molcan.

Vajda is also a beach tennis player. Beach tennis is a combination of tennis and volleyball and is played on the beach.

The beach player’s tennis journey started from Tenisový klub Slovan Bratislava. She considered the tennis court her second home.

Jozef Kovalik's Wife
Jozef Kovalik’s Wife. Image source: Instagram.

Nikita Vajda and her team won the title of the Women’s Extraliga title in 2018. Her passion and dedication to tennis could be seen all along her journey.

Jozef Kovalik’s other half is also a coach. Vajda shared a photo on her Instagram, captioning about her coach life and how she would teach tennis to kids from 4-10 years during the summer of 2017.

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What is She up to These Days?

The professional life of Nikita Vajda is also quite diverse. She is currently working as a part of the marketing department in a film agency called Black Boat

Moreover, she is a book lover and spends her free time reading books. She shared her collection of books, including Sviňa and Normálni ľudia.

Since she is a mom of two daughters, she is also busy taking care of her daughters. However, she makes enough time for herself and her husband too. The family was seen celebrating their vacation in Croatia.

The beautiful duo has been managing their personal and professional life very well. We hope their coming days will be filled with happiness and laughter with immense growth and progress.

Published On: July 19, 2023

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