TooD Beauty’s Founder Shari Siadat’s Net Worth: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Skincare Maven

TooD Beauty’s Founder Shari Siadat’s Net Worth: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Skincare Maven

Shari Siadat's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Shari Siadat is making her mark in the arts, fashion, and beauty sectors with TooD Beauty. She aims to eliminate the notion of being ‘different’ by highlighting our beautiful imperfections rather than hiding them.

So what is Shari Siadat’s net worth, and how has she accumulated her wealth? Continue reading to find out.

TooD Beauty: The Company Planning to Change The World’s View

  • TooD is a cosmetic brand that combines cleanliness, vibrancy, and effectiveness.
  • It upholds an attitude of amiability, just like its non-harmful products.
  • The brand perceives makeup as something that brings delight, ingenuity, and exploration into one’s life.
  • TooD aims to liberate yourself from embarrassment or self-doubt when ornamenting your appearance by offering the colors and equipment required to depict your feelings.
  • They believe individuals should celebrate and love their genuine selves, not conform to societal norms.
  • Siadat found inspiration for her brand TooD while authoring a children’s book with a character sporting a unibrow like hers.
  • Instead of continuing the book project, she focused on developing the now-famed Color Cream glitter, emphasizing one’s features instead of concealing them.
  • Additionally, TooD offers gender-neutral makeup products such as TooDbrush, used to shape brows meticulously without plucking hair strands away.
  • Manifesting an eco-friendly approach towards sustainability, they refrain from using harmful ingredients in production while minimizing waste through recyclable tin packaging materials. 

The Genius Behind It All: Shari Siadat

As an Iranian-American during her formative years, Siadat was acutely aware of feeling like an outsider due to her naturally dark complexion and facial hair.

The people around her shared a similar complexion, possessing pale eyes and light hair, accentuating the difference between herself and them.

Around six years old, Shari realized how distinct she appeared from others when someone made fun of her physical appearance.

As a child struggling to cope with this feeling of embarrassment, Siadat chose to blend in instead.

Having suffered from bullying over having a pronounced unibrow led Shari, on many occasions, to attempt to camouflage or shave it off altogether to conform to the mainstream culture for decades so as not to feel like an outcast.

Shari Siadat's Net Worth
Shari Siadat’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

TooD came to fruition in 2021 under the guidance of Shari Siadat, who desired to rewrite society’s narrow beauty standards through personal empowerment.

Motherhood changed her course by embracing rather than masking unique aspects, such as growing out this feature again while adorning other previously hidden areas with vibrant colors accompanied by crystals.

Similarly, another company that prioritizes organic ingredients for its products is Zeyl Beauty. Consider reading about the owner, Niha Amin’s story.

Why Was TooD Necessary?

Siadat, raised in small American towns, faced bullying due to her unibrow and took various measures such as plucking, waxing, bleaching, and lasering to get rid of it.

However, things changed after giving birth to Selene Soliel, her youngest daughter.

Selene had more prominent dark features than the other two older daughters, Scarlett Sage and Savannah Olivia. So, Siadat became concerned about her inheriting the same brow traits.


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Siadat decided to tackle the negative perception and attitude towards unconventional beauty standards such as unibrows by introducing a new line of brow cosmetics.

Shari wanted something healthy for the skin of her daughters as well as better for the environment, core values that TooD Beauty follows.

TooD Beauty’s range consists of colored creams for brows, containing eco-friendly biodegradable glitter derived from eucalyptus cellulose.

The production process underwent several trials before completing its composition to differentiate it from the conventional glitters presently sold in markets made out of non-biodegradable plastics.

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Shari Siadat’s Net Worth

Considering the success of TooD Beauty, people were naturally curious about Shari Siadat’s net worth.

Shari Siadat’s wealth remains undisclosed, but it is estimated to be significant.

TooD has experienced substantial growth in the last year, and this increase is expected to boost her fortune even further.

Shari’s entrepreneurial triumphs reflect her dedication to honest and eco-friendly beauty practices within the industry she adores.

Despite achieving financial success, Siadat remains unwavering in supporting the progress of TooD.

It is evident that as the brand continues its development, its focus on transparency and sustainability will remain central, thanks to the caring mother’s continued commitment to clean beauty values.

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