Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko: Know The Truth!

Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko: Know The Truth!

Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko. Image Credit: Social Media.

Tennis, known for its graceful movements and elegant displays of skill, occasionally has heated moments between players.

One such moment is Victoria Azarenka brawl with Jelena Ostapenko. To date, their rivalry is one of the most searched moments in tennis.

Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko: How did their rivalry begin?

Belarusian native Victoria and Latvian native Jelena Ostapenko’s rivalry dates back to 2017. Their conflict was marked by aggressive matches and exchanges between both on and off the court.

Victoria first crossed paths with Jelena professionally during the 2017 Australian Open, where she beat Ostapenko 6-1, 7-5 in a third-round match in Margaret Court Arena.

Ostapenko started her beef with the tennis star, accusing Azarenka of taking too long between points and setting the stage for disagreements.

I knew I had to start my match strong and try to put as much pressure as possible not to let her dictate the play,” Azarenka said.”I think I’ve done that well in the first set.”

Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko
Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko. Image Credit: Carine06 and Hameltion.

Fast forward to Wimbledon in late 2017, where the rivals once again met in a match.

After losing the first set, Ostapenko confronted Azarenka, but her playstyle remained aggressive despite the confrontation.

Following the encounter, Ostapenko told reporters, “Azarenka takes so much time… Sometimes people do it because they cannot handle the stress or something, but I think everyone should follow the rules.”

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What’s happening between Ostapenko and Azarenka?

Ostapenko has once again stirred controversy after the ‘Tennis Brat‘ refused to shake hands with Azarenka in Doha.

On Wednesday night, Ostapenko dominated and won the match, winning 6-0 and 6-3.

Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko
Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko. Image Credit: Social Media.

Ostapenko held out her racquet and approached Azarenka instead of offering a handshake after the match point.

Azarenka ignored whatever Ostapenko was trying to do and instead shook the hand of the chair umpire. She then waved to the crowd.

On a previous game with Azarenka, Ostapenko screamed, “You’re blind. You’re making so many mistakes. I don’t want you at my matches ever again. You’re ruining them.”

Aftermath of the feud: Are They On Talking Terms?

Since the latest Victoria Azarenka Brawl With Jelena Ostapenko, the former has moved past the issue when questioned about her beef.

Azarenka said of Ostapenko’s on-court behavior, “I think it’s something you expect. She’s doing what she’s doing. It’s interesting because I feel like it doesn’t necessarily always affect her.”

“When she’s winning, she’s like this; when she’s losing, she’s like this. I think it’s just how she deals with herself on the court.”

Ultimately, Their rivalry shows the complex situations present in professional tennis, reminding us that even an elegant sport can have intense emotions and conflicts.

Net worth Comparision

Former world no 1 Victoria Azarenka’s net worth is $25 million as per celebrity net worth. She earns substantially from her endorsement deals with brands like Nike, Wilson, Citizen, Red Bull, etc.

Meanwhile, Jelena Ostapenko’s net worth is around $8 million. She owns a beautiful house in her hometown of Riga, Latvia. Similarly, she owns several luxurious possessions, including expensive cars.

Regarding real estate, Victoria owns a spacious Manhattan Beach, California house. She also has an extensive car collection, including Lamborghini Aventador ($500,000), Porsche Panamera ($150,000), and Mercedes Benz G-Class ($130,000).

Regardless of their achievements, we can’t deny the fact that both Victoria and Jelena are equally talented.

Published On: March 1, 2024

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