Who Is Donzaleigh Artis? James Wiseman’s Biggest Influence

Having a voice, an emporium of unshattered support, makes one conquer heights of endless opulence, just like that of James Wiseman.

James Wiseman’s Biggest Influence is Donzaleigh Artis. Well, who Is Donzaleigh Artis? Let’s find out.

A Brief Introduction To James Wiseman

  • Born March 31, 2001, James Monteinez Wiseman is an American professional basketball player playing for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  • Before this, Wiseman hustled the courts of the Memphis Tigers in the center position.
  • The NBA player stands at a height of 6’11, an inch taller than UConn Huskies Youssouf Singare.
  • Having a massive wingspan of 7 foot 6, Wisema dominates the NBA rounds feasibly.
  • Initially, Wiseman attended the Ensworth School in his hometown of Nashville before enrolling at Memphis East High School.
  • Wiseman is a center for the Detroit Pistons, where athletes Stanley Umude, Ausar Thompson, and Jared Rhoden also play.

Who Is Donzaleigh Artis? The Lantern To Wiseman’s Radiant Appeal In NBA

Donzaleigh Artis? Well, she is best known as James Wiseman’s mother. She gave it her all to make sure her sons’s future permits lack of privation.

Artis worked two jobs to ensure her children remained full and the bills were paid on time.

Who Is Donzaleigh Artis
Who Is Donzaleigh Artis. Image Credit: Instagram.

A mother’s love, in fact, is unparalleled to anything. Artis would wake James as early as 4:30, settle him in the spongy bus seats warm and sleeping, then drop him at a YMCA at around 7 to get hold of another bus.

A couple of hours in, Artis would initiate her 2 to 5:30 pm shift at a gas station, only to indulge in her bus duty afterward.

Isn’t this a mother’s battle? A tale of intense platonic affection towards her child, leading the young lad to conquer mountains now!

How Significant Is Artis In Her Son’s Life?

Answering the “Who Is Donzaleigh Artis?” question has been relatively simple. Now, let’s dive into her significance in James’s life.

Wiseman’s support from his family has always been the ultimate priority for him. James has booked a room for his mother five floors down the same building where he lives so he can see his mother whenever his heart desires to.

Who Is Donzaleigh Artis
Who Is Donzaleigh Artis. Image Credit: Instagram.

Wiseman wears a band spelled with spirituality, scribbled with “#3Strong4Life” around his wrist. They act as his inspiration!

#3Strong4Life is for him, his mother, Artis, and his older sister, Jaquarius Greer. The “4” honors his family’s fourth, i.e., Artis’s firstborn, who sadly passed away six years before James’s arrival.

Who Is Donzaleigh Artis
Who Is Donzaleigh Artis. Image Credit: Instagram.

Artis exclaims that she felt immense gratitude and that all the struggles were worth waiting for now that her son has achieved the unachievable for most dreamers.

The NBA player’s mom also said that her child made it! Not every dreamer reaches the grandest of pedestals, but her son did. That’s a mother’s pride.

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What Does The NBA Star Have To Say About Mother And Sister?

James has always appreciated and blended gratification, supersizing his family’s sacrifices and strength pillars.

In an interview, the player said that he, his mom, and his sister ensure they always stick together no matter the situations that unfold. No matter what happened,” we’ve got each other’s back,” he added.

Who Is Donzaleigh Artis
Who Is Donzaleigh Artis. Image Credit: Instagram.

James, being an understanding son, realized his mother’s efforts at the immature age of 11, accepting that the teasing of his classmates regarding his jeans being short didn’t bother him.

And why would it? Wiseman’s fast-growing was destined as he was bound to join the Scrolls as one of the greatest NBA players.

So, Who Is Donzaleigh Artis? Now that you’ve read the article. Indeed, she is a superwoman like all the mothers in the world. Signing off on this note!


Q. Is Donzaleigh Artis James Wiseman’s mom?

A. Yes, Artis is James’s mom.

Q. How did the Pistons get James Wiseman?

A. The team had acquired center James Wiseman from the Golden State Warriors in a four-team trade.

Q. How many minutes does James Wiseman average?

A. James Wiseman averages 17.8 minutes per game.

Published On: March 14, 2024

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