5 Exciting Facts About Jess Salgueiro Net Worth: Spotlight on Salgueiro

5 Exciting Facts About Jess Salgueiro Net Worth: Spotlight on Salgueiro

Jess Salgueiro Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Jess Salgueiro has made a name for herself with her captivating performances and undeniable talent. As fans eagerly follow her journey, there’s a natural curiosity about Jess Salgueiro net worth.

In this thrilling article, we delve into the fascinating world of Salgueiro’s finances, shedding light on her remarkable career accomplishments and uncovering five exciting facts about her net worth that reveal the depth of her success and influence in the industry.

5. A Rising Star’s Beginnings: From Passion to Profession

Jess Salgueiro’s journey to success began with a profound passion for acting that was deeply rooted in her childhood.

Raised by Portuguese Canadian parents who had emigrated from Alcanena and Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Jess immersed herself in honing her craft at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario.

Jess Salgueiro Net Worth
Jess Salgueiro Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

It was through unwavering dedication and undeniable talent that Salgueiro made the transition from a passionate hobbyist to a professional actress, setting the stage for her remarkable net worth journey.

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4. Stellar Acting Portfolio

One of the primary drivers behind Jess Salgueiro’s net worth is her extensive and diverse acting portfolio.

Jess Salgueiro Net Worth
Jess Salgueiro Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

With numerous film credits to her name, Jess has demonstrated her prowess in the industry. Her films have not only performed well at the box office, but they have also garnered acclaim from critics.

Notable recent projects such as Who’s Yer Father? and Two Deaths of Henry Baker showcase the depth of the Canadian’s skills.

Title Credit Year
Who’s Yer Father? Junior 2023
Two Deaths of Henry Baker Marienne 2020
Canadian Strain Anne Banting 2019
I’ll Take Your Dead Jackie 2018
No Sleep ‘Til Christmas Gemma 2018

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Through her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment, Jess has gained widespread acknowledgment and praise for her work, resulting in substantial opportunities and financial prosperity.

3. Jess Salgueiro Net Worth is Influenced By Her Television Roles

The talented actress has showcased her versatility by not only starring in movies but also taking on roles in various television series. One of her notable appearances is in the long-running series The Expanse.

In addition to her recurring role in season four of The Expanse, Jess graced the Netflix adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy, which was based on a comic book by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

In addition, the actress landed the role of Eve in the Paramount+ revival of the classic sitcom Frasier in 2023.

Title Credit Year
Beacon 23 Saldana 2023
Frasier Eve 2023
Tiny Pretty Things Isabel 2020
Mary Kills People Larissa 2018
The Bold Type Cassie 2017

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Given that American actresses earn an average annual salary of $70,644 as per 2023 data, it can be inferred that Jess has likely garnered substantial earnings from her television endeavors.

2. Video Game Roles

In addition to her work in television and movies, Jess has also made a significant contribution to the video game industry.

Jess provides the voice for one of the characters, Clara Garcia, in Far Cry 6. Given the immense popularity of the Far Cry franchise, it is likely that Jess received substantial compensation for her involvement in this project.


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Based on these diverse roles across different entertainment mediums, it can be inferred that Jess Salgueiro net worth is substantial, although specific figures are not publicly disclosed at this time. As time progresses, more information about her financial success may become accessible as well.

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1. Saving the Children

Not widely known, Jess Salgueiro also contributes to the Save The Children project, dedicated to providing children with a healthy start in life and opportunities for learning.

In 2022, together with partners, communities, supporters, and the children themselves, Save the Children successfully supported 177 million children globally.

Jess Salgueiro Net Worth
Jess Salgueiro Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Salgueiro’s involvement with the organization highlights her as not only a talented actor but also as an individual committed to making a positive impact on society.

As Jess Salgueiro’s star continues to rise, fans can eagerly anticipate her future projects and anticipate further milestones in her remarkable career.


Q: Are Jess Salgueiro’s parents Canadian?

A: Her parents are both Portuguese Canadians, and hence, she is of Portuguese Canadian ancestry.

Q: Where did Jess Salgueiro receive her alma mater?

A: Jess received her alma mater from Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.

Q: What role did Jess Salgueiro play in Far Cry 6?

A: Jess provided voice to the character Clara Garcia in Far Cry 6.

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