Celebrity Daughter Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth

Celebrity Daughter Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth

Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth

Shelley Covel Rowland is the adoptive daughter of late country music singer Toby Keith. The two had a beautiful relationship despite not being blood-related.

While Toby had a wealth of $400 million, how much is Shelley Covel Rowland net worth? Did he leave any fortune behind for his beloved daughter?

Early Life

  • Shelley Covel Rowland was born on October 21, 1980, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. She is the biological daughter of Tricia Lucas. Meanwhile, her biological father remains unknown.
  • She grew up with her half-siblings, Krystal Keith and Stelen Keith Covel. While Krystal followed the footsteps of her father, Stelen is working in the corporate world.
  • Shelley was adopted by Kieth in 1984 when she was four years old. Her mother married Toby, and they went on to have a blissful married life. Unfortunately, Toby died on February 5, 2024, after battling stomach cancer for a long time.

Entrepreneurial Journey With Her Mom

While she prefers to maintain a low profile, Shelley is active in her family business. Her mom, Tricia, is the founder of the women’s golf apparel brand SwingDish.

Shelley Covel Rowland net worth
Shelley Covel Rowland net worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Shelley is the creative director and co-founder of SwingDish, which was launched in 2013. The company represents functionality and femininity and is all for women of all ages.

Shelley Covel Rowland net worth is huge as she is a designer and businesswoman. Her brand has gained enormous popularity because of its high-quality materials and fashionable, seamlessly comfortable designs.

Shelley Covel Rowland Husband And Children

Not everyone has a happy married life. Despite being the celebrity daughter, Shelley had her own personal struggles in her life.

Shelley Covel Rowland’s husband, Brian Skaggs, is no more in this world. He died on October 19, 2023, at the age of 43. Just within four months, she lost her husband and her father.

As per some reports, Shelley had some troubles in her married life. Nevertheless, she is raising her children with the support of her family.

Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth

Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth. Image Credit: Social MediaShelley welcomed three children with Brian; Catherine Elizabeth, Mackenzi Ruth, and Sawyer Tosh Skaggs.

Catherine is the oldest and the only daughter of Shelley. After the demise of her partner, Covel is looking after her children herself. She often shares pictures of her kids on social media.

Although her husband is no longer with her, she provides everything necessary for her children.

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Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth

Although the entrepreneur must have a net worth of millions, her fortune must still be estimated. The brand SwingDish is trendy among women, and she has certainly made lots of fortune from it.

SwingDish offers a variety of apparel options at an affordable price. Products such as bags, pants, visors, tops, and skirts range from $99-$129.

Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth
Shelley Covel Rowland Net Worth. Image Credit: SwingDish

Shelley Covel Rowland net worth is not estimated, but her father, Toby Keith, was a millionaire whose net worth was estimated to be $400 million before he died.

Toby earned from his music career, and in 2002, the singer sold 3 million copies of ‘Unleased,’ and ‘Beer for My Horses,’ a hit duet with Willie Nelson.

Shelley still has a long way to go with her career and family life, and we hope to hear more from the entrepreneur, including significant growth in her business.


Q. Who is Shelley Covel Rowland?

A. She is a creative director, designer, singer, and entrepreneur.

Q. Who are Shelley Covel Rowland parents?

A. Her parents are Tricia Lucas and Toby Keith.

Q. What is Shelley Covel Rowland’s net worth?

A. Her net worth is yet to be estimated.

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