Yes! Abby Hensel Secretly Married Josh Bowling

Yes! Abby Hensel Secretly Married Josh Bowling

Abby Hensel Secretly Married. Image Credit: Instagram.

The conjoined twin sisters from TLC’s reality series “Abby & Brittany” have a new member in their lives. Abby Hensel and Brittany Hensel have simultaneously given everyone shocking yet exciting news.

Abby Hensel secretly married Josh Bowling. You heard it right; Abby has been married for almost three years.

Let’s learn more about the twin sister Abby’s marriage without further ado.

Abby And Brittany: The Conjoined Twin

Abby Hensel and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins who first gained national attention in 1996 when they appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Abby and Brittany were born in 1990 to Patty Hensel and Mike Hensel. They are dicephalic conjoined twins with the same bloodstream and all organs below their waist.

The twin’s parents decided not to get the separation surgery as it was too risky. However, the doctors at the time said they both had a chance to survive the surgery.

The Hensels subsequently appeared in the upbeat TLC reality show “Abby and Brittany,” which featured them driving, going to Europe, and riding a moped.

When the sitcom finished after one season, Abby and Brittany then graduated from Bethel University.

Abby Hensel Secretly Married Josh Bowling

Abby Hensel married three years ago. What does her husband do? Let’s grab some information about Abby’s marriage.

Abby Hensel secretly married Joshua (Josh) Bowling in 2021. The couple kept their marriage private until Josh shared pictures of him and the Hensel sisters on his Facebook account.

Hailing from Johnson City, Tennessee, Josh Bowling is a nurse and Army veteran. Meanwhile, the Hensel sisters have also shared profile pictures from their wedding.

Abby and Hansel live in Minnesota, where Hansel’s sister was born and raised. Hensels are teachers by occupation, teaching the fifth grade in Minnesota.

After Abby Hensel secretly married Josh, the couple was hit by a paternity suit filed by Bowling’s ex-wife, Annica Bowling, in October 2023.

Something interesting has been confirmed: Abby Hensel did not add her sister Brittany to her witness list. However, she has put down her other sister, Morgan, as one of the witnesses.

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Respond To Loud Comments

Hensels captioned their TikTok from March 28: “The internet is extra LOUD today.” They added, “We have always been around.”

The conjoined sisters are never silent. The pair chose not to disclose their marriage. However, until recently, they publicly shared images of them on TikTok.

Brittany has also shared her statement about not wanting the world to know about their personal lives, whether they are dating or whatever they are doing in 2006.

Published On: March 28, 2024

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