It’s Official! Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed

It’s Official! Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed

Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed. Image Credit: Social Media.

Get up! Late-night movie fanatics! “Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed. ” Yes, you heard it right, especially those once-upon-a-time teenage girls fangirling over the series.

Let’s be familiar with the new animated concepts and other tangy insides on the news!

Nostalgic Review: Twilight Story Explained

Without a grain of doubt, it is necessary to first know the original story before diving into news about “the animated version.” Here’s the narration!

Twilight portrays a love story between a vampire “Edward Cullen” and an ordinary girl “Bella Swan” and the incubation of werewolves and other supporting casts as vampires and humans.

Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed
Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed. Image Credit: Social Media.

Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristien Stewart sugarcoat the fantasy romance movie, lathering moments of chemistry between these three main characters and the follow-ups that rise.

Dusky cinematography, cold forests, Infatuation, VFX inclusivity, corny dialogues, and an attractive cast sacked the magic potion, leading the movie series to success.

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Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed: News Calls For Rejoicement

Recently, in early March 2024, a jubilation was adopted as Michael Burns declared the news of the Lionsgate Twilight animated series confirmed.

Burns, the current vice chairman of Lionsgate, swore that the sky-grazing multi-success potential carrying animated series will land soon. He made the revelation during a Q&A session on March 5 at the Morgan Stanley media conference.

As per speculations, if production commences late this year or in 2025, the animated version of the Twilight franchise can potentially peak a boo in 2026 at the earliest.

Will the animated version have a sensational impact like other massively received ones like that of the Spiderman verse? Time is yet to sing!

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Stephenie Meyer’s Books Of Magic! The Twilight Series

As the Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series is Confirmed, these are the books to bow credits to!

Stephenie’s imagination gave teen girls their heartthrob “Edward Cullen,” hissing with those pointy fangs and sparkling bodies as the sun’s rays usher the vampire’s flesh.

Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed
Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed. Image Credit: Social Media.

The Twilight book series originally comprised four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Later, the success of the book incarnated a tray for the development of the film series comprising five parts, collectively grossing $3.346 billion globally.

Rooting for the early release in the animated world as “Lionsgate Twilight Animated Series Confirmed” celebrates a nostalgic moment for the fans similar to that of the primordial release of Twilight a decade ago.

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